Saturday, May 21, 2011

This and that.

Today my daughter was telling me that a professor at her school is completely the same as Johnny Depp, between, she finds him, I mean Depp very handsome.

I don't get it.
Do you want to know who I find very handsome?

She said that he's ugly with a grimace on her face, how can she possibly be my daughter, she must have been replaced at birth.
What do you think?

On a more cheerful note, this evening I was cuddling the 5 year old boy, he was jokingly making me smell his socks, I always say that they stink, and he laughs.

Usually they ehm stink anyway.
At one point he said: hey mom, do you know where you stink?
And I: no tell me.
He said: nowhere, you are all perfumed.
Oh whew!


  1. I think they r both good looking.

    Stinky socks...funny!

  2. Hmm neither of them work for me. ;)

    I think the only person in our family who doesn't stink, ever, is my partner. :D

  3. I don't get the Johnny Depp thing either.
    I think he looks like he needs a bath!

    I do not know who the 2nd photo is but oh my goodness is he good looking!

    I'm with you ale

  4. Kimberly you are diplomatic! ;)

    Joey, I know who your type is :D

    Oh Peggy, I knew that you would have given me satisfaction, love!
    He's an Italian actor btw, Luca Argentero.

  5. a very sweet-smelling post :)

  6. Haha, Paolo, thanks, it was a compliment, wasn't it? ;)

  7. A parte che sono entrambi troppo giovani, ma non mi attira proprio nessuno dei due, e Depp, per giunta, non è nemmeno bello. Io vado piuttosto su un affascinante evergreen.

  8. Ah beh George non è proprio male, ma bazzica ancora dalle nostre parti? :D

  9. Can i bum a smoke Mr Depp?
    What's up?

  10. who is that second dude?? I'm still finding nerdy Josh Groban to be hotter than both those choices :D

  11. famous men I find handsome...

    Harrison Ford
    Mel Gibson
    Sean Connery
    Jeff Bridges

    Yes, I like the "older" ones.

    all perfumed -- cute!!!


  12. Your sweet little guy will go far! What a charming young man.

    Best wishes,

  13. Non voglio indurti a visitare il mio blog, voglio solo sapere se lì va tutto bene.
    Un abbraccio.

  14. Just calling by to see how you are, like Dona I miss you calling by. :) xx


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