Sunday, April 3, 2011

Award? Yes thanks.

My dear friend Joey, shared with us buddies, an award that was given to him.

Not being an award person, I decided to make an exception this time though, and reveal 7 unknown things about me.

1). I can't wear perfume because it makes me feel sick, I promise that I don't smell though, 'cause I shower daily ;)  I appreciate it on other people though, only if it's not too strong.
2). When I was 12 we had a dog, a German Shepherd, named Sky High Koo Koo Slacker, please don't ask.
3). My daily breakfast consists in a glass of cold soy milk and coffee, with a couple whole wheat rusks.

4). Number 3 might sound healthy, only if you didn't know what I have later in the morning, ha!

5). When I was a child I lived a few years in a big old house, that had a garden full of lots of flowers, together with my mom, grandparents, aunts, uncles. It has been, one of the most beautiful times of my life.

6). During the last year of high school, I skipped lessons a lot, I mean a lot.

7).When I'm on the couch, feet up, with my laptop on my lap, my right foot usually slowly rotate, for the amusement of my family, that tease me about it.

Now if you want to join in the fun, take the award and do the same.


  1. Ha ha this is great! I finally get to know a little more about you! Thanks for the shout out too.

    The perfume wouldn't make me sick but your breakfast sure would! :D Cold soy milk sounds horrible!

  2. Hahaha, you are wrong it's delicious! ((OO))
    So what do you have for breakfast?

  3. LOL! Il tuo DJ riuscirebbe a farti fare qualunque cosa, o sbaglio?

  4. I agree with LL Cool Joe - that sounds like a horrible breakfast. wheat rusks? is that bread?
    the croissants and the house with the beautiful garden I would take! :-)

    the rotating foot is a cute thing about you.

  5. Dona, sa essere convincente. :D

    Peggy, yes they are a kind of toasted bread slices.
    Aww, thanks!

  6. Am curious if other odors, excuse me, aromas bother you.
    Ok. I might wonder but I want ask.
    Does soy milk taste the same as reg. dairy milk?
    Croissants - my favorite any time of the day.
    As a youngun I helped my dad in his garden - yes wonderful memories.
    I only skipped school once - I was too timid to do otherwise. How I admire you.
    You must have more rhythm than you know what to do with.

  7. Credevo che la mia fosse strana :
    pomodori,sedano,insalata e un bicchiere d'acqua calda.
    Adesso non +.
    See you soon

  8. Mya, yes I hate to fry because of the strong smell, even if I have to do it sometimes. And you shouldn't admire me for skipping lessons ;)

    A Pa', quanto a strana colazione credo che vinca sempre tu :D :D

  9. Mya I forgot, soy milk is slightly different from cow milk, I find it better though.

  10. I spent most of my senior year anywhere but school!

  11. I got a kick out of the foot rotation - can you stop it? :D

  12. Congratulations on your award. I'm glad you have more breakfast later. Love the name of your shepherd!

  13. Linda ;)

    Mama Zen, yeah sista!

    Carma, oh sorry, but I'm afraid I can't :D

    Mountain Woman, aww thanks! :)


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