Saturday, March 12, 2011


I asked my daughter if she could transfer the music I downloaded on my player.
She asked me, what music?
I answered "Let the Sun shine" and the other one by Kevin Timberlake.
Kevin? she goes...
Uhm, oh! Justin, I say.
Ops, quite the same, isn't it?
The problem is, I'm having a lot of these moments lately.
You know when your mind is not working properly.
Is spring coming, or am I definitely getting old?
Btw I'm 42.
Any advice?


  1. Well I call them 'Senior Moments' and they probably started when I was in my forties!

    I also love it that you have to ask your daughter to transfer the music, now you know why I miss mine. :)

  2. Please don't talk to me about feeling old! I have to know 4 hours of music and know the tracks end and begin for tonight.

    Is Kevin Justin's twin brother?

  3. Lasciamo perdere... Sono un po' di anni che mi sfuggono maledettamente i nomi. Per far capire al mio interlocutore di chi sto parlando devo lanciarmi in lunghe perifrasi e descrizioni, finchè lui non riesce a indovinare e a pronunciare il fatidico nome perso nei cassetti della mia memoria.
    Quindi spiacente, ma non posso aiutarti.

  4. Peggy :p

    Linda: did you had it every day?

    Joey: it's you the music expert, not me ;)
    4 hours!!!!!!

    Dona: un'abbraccio di mutua comprensione :D

    To everybody, at least I don't feel alone :D thanks!

  5. Any advice on being 42?

    Enjoy every breath of it. You are young in the universe.

    Climb more trees.
    Smell more roses.
    Eat more chocolate.
    Drink more wine.
    Hug your loved ones more.
    Dance for no particular reason.
    Sing just because you can.
    And buy and wear really luxurious underwear!!

    There, Jannie's life philosophy.

  6. Abbiamo lo stesso problema, allora. Il figlio dei miei vicini dice che è la vecchitudine. Se lo dice lui. Sarà il passaggio dei 40?
    Comunque tua figlia è mitika.
    Buona settimana

  7. Jannie, very nice things to do, only I don't climb trees, I have to give it a try.
    Thank you love.

    Paolo, grazie, da ke lo deduci? ;) Buona settimana anche a te.

  8. Is your daughter a teenager - that might be the reason.
    When there is to much on our minds, or we are tired, I think the brain rebels. Most people go through forgetful moments sometimes, but you did come up with the right answer. If it persists, and if it is really bothering you, you can always see the doc. Hopefully, it is nothing to concerned about.

  9. You are right Mya, thank you for your wise words.

  10. Oh, you are still so young! Perhaps it's a distracted moment. Often when I'm thinking about something and not concentrating, I do the same thing but I'm much older. Enjoy your 40s and don't worry.

  11. MW you are always so wise, it's that, I'm not concentrating, it happens when I'm doing something else in the meantime.

  12. No advice - my son has a friend named "Thomas" who I refer to as "James" and a
    friend named "Nick" who I call "Eric"
    but then I'm older than you ;-)

  13. Haha, Carma, how much I love you :D

  14. I have those moments every day! Nothing to worry about my dear!

    Hope you enjoy the rest of the week and Happy St Patrick's day!

    Best wishes,

  15. Natasha, a trouble shared...?
    Best wishes to you dear.


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