Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hey you! wanna play with me?

If so describe yourself in ten words, the good and the bad.
Here I am:

1 positive
2 loving
3 happy
4 compassionate
5 passionate
6 emotional
7 smart (sometimes)
8 stupid (sometimes) - My daughter confirms this one. :D
9 funny
10 lazy

What did you say? Humble?

now you.....


  1. 1. happy
    2. kind
    3. empathetic
    4. thoughtful
    5. loyal
    6. fun
    7. strong willed
    8. warm
    9. smart ass

  2. I like them, thank you ass, hehe

  3. 1. Determinata
    2. Pignola
    3. Empatica
    4. Scorza dura e tenero ripieno
    5. Perseverante
    6. Psicologa
    7. Organizzata
    8. Pigra
    9. Individualista

    Peggio di così...

  4. Grazie Dona, ma dai, ognuno apporta la sua unicità al tutto ;) ti vogliamo bene così come sei.

  5. 1. Loyal
    2. Over sensitive
    3. Negative
    4. Perceptive
    5. Verbally articulate
    6. Moody
    7. Worrier
    8. Creative
    9. Colourful
    10. Stroppy.


  6. I think I might be stupid, but I'm not positive!

  7. Mama Zen, I think you're wrong! :D

  8. Sulla tua lista hai dimenticato "diplomatica"... LOL!

  9. Hahaha! Ho "dimenticato" diverse cose, in fondo erano solo 10 voci. Sono anche coccolona ;)

  10. 1. Generous
    2. Loyal
    3. Comedic (in a sarcastic way too often I am afraid)
    4. Loving
    5. Passionate (good and bad variations)
    6. Avid scholar (always want to learn)
    7. OCD!!!! (Once I start something it is hard to stop.)
    8. Aloof (If I am your friend I am very friendly, and would do almost anything for you. I am just hard to warm up to in the beginning.)
    9. Controlling (I am the eldest in my family, it just happens)
    10. Unique (I really like doing things my own way. I have always been that way..I don't fight it!)

  11. Love them, Kimberly, I never imagined that you were aloof.
    I so like to know you better.

  12. Alas, it is one of those quirks in my personality that is so hard to change. (Not that I try to change it) I am just not like my son that can walk up to anyone and start taking to them.

  13. Really?
    Avrei detto 'poetico' e 'anima libera' ;)


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