Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Hey guys!
In case you are wondering why I'm not posting anymore.
It's just that I'm asking myself what is the point in keeping to write this blog.
I simply don't find anything interesting enough to share.
I don't know if this is a moment like I had before,
or it's the end of a phase in my life.
In each case I loved it, I enjoyed this experience,
I enjoyed to know you.

P.s.: I'm very moved by your comments, I didn't expect so much love.
Thank you buddies!


  1. Darling, I have been there. You have to love it. Post when you feel like it. The great thing about Face Book is I can see when my friends have posted instead of going to each site. Or waiting for them to come to my site.

    You have a great blog. Just write when you feel like it. Maybe you are just going through a blog funk.


  2. I will miss you.
    I understand though.

    Best of everything Alessandra

  3. Don't give up! We all have writer's block from time to time. There's nothing wrong in taking a break and coming back when you are refreshed. We will still be here. :)

  4. Aww darlings, you are so sweet!
    It's not that I'll disappear completely, I'll keep in touch, you are too precious. ;)

  5. Oh, Alessandra -- I was coming over here with thoughts of what a bad blogging buddie I've been because I have not been here in a week!

    We are all so human, eh?

    I WANT YOU TO KNOW... I've only known you for a short time, but I really really like you - you are funny and special. You always make me laugh. You are a lovley lovely soul!

    I completely understand the whole "Why the hell am I blogging for anyway thing." Blogging can pull you in deeply.

    I LOVED my posting break over Christmas. And I'm not afraid to admit it!!! :) :)

    Breaks are great!

    A Real World is out there too.

    Husbands. :)

    Kids. :)

    Sunlight in trees.

    You are ever in my heart now, Spagetti-Tiramisu Laughing Woman, and whenever you pop in to Funsterland again my heart will sing a little!


  6. Jannie, you really touched my heart, I'm speechless.
    The problem is, you guys are spoiling me, now I could post something like this everyday, just to feel your love. ;)

  7. Caspita, sei una donna dalle decisioni repentine! Sei proprio sicura di aver perso ogni ispirazione? Prenditi una pausa, ed eventualmente poi ricomincia con un blog nuovo di zecca! Anch'io vado a periodi, l'importante è che non sparisci, darling: adoro il tuo senso dell'umorismo e il tuo essere poco convenzionale. Oserei dire che le nostre anime sono in sintonia. (WOW!) Bacio.

  8. Veramente WOW Dona, grazie!
    In realtà non so bene, mi pice lo scambio che ho con te e gli altri spiriti affini, sarà solo mancanza di ispirazione.

  9. Anyone who has blogged for a longer period of time has felt what you feel. I hope that you find your inspiration and will be back again!

  10. Take a blogging break! We'll all still be here!

  11. I have missed you and now I am sad to think that you might be leaving the blog world. Maybe a little break will be all you need. Don't stay away forever.

  12. I can not speak for anyone but me, but there are many times I shrug off blogging and for many different reasons. Sometimes, it just doesn't hit me right and other times I am busy with other things - we do have lives.
    That is the good thing about the blog - there are no assignments as in school. So when something crosses your mind that you want to share, as simple as a pretty picture, a joke or anything that caught your attention, you can blog if you have the time, if not don't - it's perfectly okay. In the meantime enjoy life!

  13. Kristen, thank you for your sweet words.

    Mya, you are right, the problem is, I see my friends that come to see if I wrote something, and I would like to, but I can't.
    That's why I posted this.

  14. Ciao and best wishes for 2011, I am back at last catching up on so much that I missed while I was away from the blogsphere! Thankyou for comments you left on News From Italy while I was absent.

    I understand exactly how you feel, after a month away I am now also unsure if my heart is still in it and blogging is supposed to fun not a chore. Take Care xx


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