Sunday, December 5, 2010

Who believes in Santa and .... the oasis. I know, I'm weird.

Today I was at the supermarket with my 4 years-old boy and he wanted a toy, usually I say no, but you know sometimes they need to be pleased, so I bought it.

At the till, the cashier asked my son: what would Santa say, that you bought this toy?
And I answered: why, we don't believe in Santa.
I think I shocked her, because she stared at me and didn't know what to say.
I tried to kid with her saying that he would be relieved from his job, but still, she was appalled.

Yesterday I was chatting with my dad and he was saying that despite the world being like a desert (in a metaphorical sense) he always returns to his oasis ( a place of peace, comfort, and serenity, both in a physical and emotional way ).
I answered that I built my oasis around me and I carry it wherever I go.
Later, while I was taking a shower ( TMI? ) I had an intuition...if everyone commits to cultivate his own oasis, there would be no desert at all, and the world would be better.
It makes sense, doesn't it?


  1. you are certainly doing some deep thinking!!! It does make sense and I need to get to cultivating.

  2. absolutely makes sense!

    I think it's wonderful that you can talk on a deep level with your father. My father can't do that with anyone.

  3. Carma, I think you are already a beutiful garden, in a good way of course ;)

    Peggy, it depends but sometimes we touch such topics. :)

  4. Ah so no San Nicola gift for your son today then!

  5. Pretty deep thought having your oasis with you at all times. Bravo on that! Our good friend, Liara Covert of Dream Builders Australia would highly approve of this post, Alessandra.

    I'm at the library now, and dearly wish my oasis included a plate of blue corn chicken nachoes with guacamole and sour cream and a double margarita -- frozen no salt, please!!


  6. Ah, no Linda, I'm not traditional ;)

    Thanks Mama Zen :)

    Haha, Jannie, I hope you get what you want, and thanks dear. <3

  7. Build your oasis however you want, alessandra. that's why it's YOUR oasis. Great advice from your dad. I wasn't raised to believe in Santa and people sympathize about how sad my life must have been. It's always a gasp of outrage that nobody tried to keep up the myth for me.

  8. I don't think that not believing in a lie makes one's life sad, Kiran. ;)
    But this is just me. :)

  9. TMI about a shower? NEVER!! You know how I blog about every bath of mine, or at least mention them in my comment answers. :)


  10. Jannie, at least you know that I'm clean ;)

  11. Te lo dico sinceramente visto che ormai siamo in confidenza? Ma si, te lo dico: l'idea di dover commentare in inglese a volte mi irrita e mi scoraggia dal farlo, un po' perchè è comunque una fatica, e un po' perchè non riesco a rendere tutte le sfumature che mi offre la lingua madre, e quindi gli interventi mi rimangono in po' impersonali e insoddisfacenti.
    Ecco, te l'ho detto.
    Buona serata :)

  12. Ma si Dona, primo sono per la libertà assoluta, e poi se vuoi puoi commentare in italiano, non farti problemi.
    Baci e abbracci.

  13. where have you been chickadee ?? hope everything is going OK :)


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