Thursday, December 23, 2010

Random list.

My son's favorite cartoon.

My daughter's last complaint: that I'm too youthful because I listen to rap, and often wear earphones.
One day she'll know!

My favorite exercise:

...and cleaning dance ;)

This winter's weather:


The way I too often use my laptop: sharing with my son.

I'm shortsighted

Merry Christmas to my dear buddies.



  1. Nice random list. Ah Mariah, what a great Christmas song!

    I don't share my computer with anyone!

    Happy Christmas to you!

  2. Ti faccio tanti tanti cari auguri di buon Natale, cara Alessandra!

  3. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and look forward to an amazing 2011.

  4. Did you take the pictures of the snow and rain? You can see the individual flakes and drops!
    I like yoga, but because I do not do it regularly, I can no longer achieve some of the positions - if I did I would probably get stuck - not sure which is the most embarassing.

  5. Thank you Kristen, I wish you the same.

    Mya, no, I forgot to write that they are from google images ;)

  6. this is a great list! I love it when we can embarrass our kids with our youthfulness. I listen to rap too - sometime google the Saturday Night Live "Blizzard Man" skit - cracks us up every time. You would have to go to the site to find it - ahhh...I think you may have tried to do that once a while back and it didn't work - darn!

  7. Carma, not that rap is my favorite genre, however I found some video of Blizzard Man, funny! :D

  8. I see Tootsie. Recently heard that was voted teh all-time funniest movie. Time to watch it again.

    Happy late Christmas.

    Happy early New Year!!


  9. Vengo adesso dalla pagina del tuo profilo: Chamki è tua mamma?! 8-|

  10. Jannie thank you darling, actually it was Mrs. Doubtfire :)
    Happy new year to you!


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