Friday, December 3, 2010

I'm happy and I'm kidding.

First I want to thank you guys for the kind words of empathy about the problem I had with my washer, and tell you that I'm the happiest person on earth's face, because it's working again.
No, we didn't call an expert, it fixed itself, I don't know what it was (electronics!?!), however I'm so thankful that the piles of laundry are lowering.
Second, if you are reading me for some time, may be you know that I like to kid, joke and have fun, mostly I kid with people with whom I feel at ease, people that I like and feel in tune with.
When I'm kidding I always mean it in a good way, I never ever want to make fun of people or offend anyone, actually I hate this.
Just so now you know, I hope you bear with me ;)


  1. Great news, cheap electricity to catch up all weekend as well! As long as you are not pulling our legs (another expression for you)about the washing machine working again, as this is your way you tell us :)
    Have a good weekend x

  2. Linda, actually I waited a few days to be sure it was working for true.
    Have a nice weekend as well XOXO

  3. Who would have thought we could all be so excited about doing laundry right?

    Have a wonderful weekend. Mine starts in 2 hrs!! :-)

    Btw: why a clarification about kidding with your readers?
    A perfect weekend also from my side... :)

    @Linda: What does it mean "pulling someone legs?"

  5. THANKS!!!
    Because, Dona, sometimes it happens that someone takes it the wrong way.

  6. @Linda: già risolto. "Pulling someone's leg" significa "prendere in giro".
    Grazie lo stesso, and a nice weekend from me!

  7. Ah yeah it's so easy for things to be taken the wrong way with the written word I think, because we can't see a persons body language etc. I can tell you aren't someone that would want to offend though. )

  8. I'm glad that you can tell it, Joey.

  9. We are of like minds on kidding around and not wanting to offend. Humor is so so so much fun!

    Being without a clothes washer is even more inconveniencing than being without a dish washer, the latter which has not been useable here for 6 months.

    I am grateful today for my clothes washer. And dryer!


  10. Hey, it's really me -- not my daughter.

    me -- jannie in texas. she was signed into this computer i see.


  11. @Dona - Yes it means just teasing someone :)

  12. It must be a law of physics. Things usually stop working at the most inconvenient moment.
    My husband's first act is to leave all alone - it might cure itself.
    Here's to your washer. May it go through many more cycles.

  13. @Linda: Appunto. :)
    @Alessandra: Che fa da te, nevica? Soffro di benevola invidia... :)

  14. Yes Jannie we are of like mind :D

    Mya, I think so, I even tried to call the assistance for two days, and couldn't get the line, life's mysteries!

    Dona si, nevica, ma io non mi invidio ;)))))


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