Thursday, November 11, 2010

To answer or not to answer, this is the question.

No actually it's not.
One of my bloggy buddies asked me how I prefer that she answers to my comments, personally ( I have enabled my mail in my profile ) or in the comments form.
I have no preferences, I don't sign for follow up, because most of you have tons of comments (jealous?...nah!), and I don't want to fill my inbox with them :D
If I comment usually come back to see if there is an answer, unless I know that you don't answer.
However to make it short ;), I put a poll in my right sidebar about this topic.
I'll be glad if you vote, thaaaaannnkks!
Speak your minds dudes :))))))
Have I ever said how much I love to hear from you???


  1. Oh I wonder who that blogging buddy could possible be? Odd you should ask but I am having this problem myself. Before I vote I have just had a comment from you from a couple of posts ago and it was set as no response?

  2. What about the I do not mind option, she asks just to be awkward :)

  3. LOL! I don't know why, weird!
    There is always that possibility.... or not?

  4. And Jannie loves to hear from YOU!!

    I voted. Will my prize be in the mail? And can you please make it a lollipop?? :)


  5. A prize? I didn't mention any prize! A lollipop? in the mail? ;)

  6. Oh, I forgot, people who don't mind win a bling, Joey, are you ok with it?

  7. I prefer you do whichever makes you comfortable. And sometimes I don't even need a response. I am just commenting. :-)

    If I win that guy at the top of your page isn't so bad for a prize if George Clooney is too busy.

  8. Oh, is so sweet Peggy that you want me to be comfortable, I'll see what I can do with George, we are almost neighbors ;)

  9. Peggy is right, whatever makes you feel good, that's the way you should handle it.


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