Friday, November 12, 2010

I loved my first poll.

That means I'll do it again, one day or's a threat.
So the majority of people voted for an answer in the comment form, two don't care, and two would like a mail.
Now if the two who want a mail would take a step forward.... or raise their hand.... anyhow get out from anonimity, I'll do it.
I'm that nice ;)
Ah the beauty of having only a few comments!


  1. I have just recently learned about the choices. but am still trying to figure them out. Often I make a comment under someone's post so they know that it has been read, but I do not actually expect a response to my comment. If they choose to do so that is wonderful, but I have no preference how they do it. Whatever is the easiest for them. If we all commented and then commented on the responses, and responded to the comments... - where does it end. Is there a politically correct number? No, you do not have to respond.

  2. mya, you are right, but obviously it depends on the comment and on the answer, and if the topic requires a discussion.
    However usually, one comment and one response are fine with me.

  3. nice poll~ ^_^ excited for the next one! ^_^


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