Sunday, November 28, 2010

I love my washing machine.

This may sound a bit over the top, but it's true.
There is no better way to find out how much you appreciate something, than when you miss it.
Today my dearest and only washing machine got sick.
Hubby and I did our best to find and solve the problem, which meant to bend on our knees for hours in puddles of soapy water.
What are you saying? Calling an expert? Ahem....well first it's Sunday ;)
However, apparently we did something right, and it's working now.
Hubby even dared to suggest that I could wash the clothes by hand, is he crazy or what?
You tell me.
At the end, when the machine was completing the cycle (Thanks, oh thanks!), I was there cherishing her, telling sweet words, my good girl.
She always does a hard work, and I take her for granted.
Wish me good luck ( I have loads and loads to wash....always ).


  1. Wash by hand (atonished)????? What does it mean?
    And add kisses :)

  2. Oh my, wash by hand??? Sure as long as they are HIS hands. :-)

    I am happy that your washer is working again!!

  3. Unfortunately it's not working again, we must call the assistence :(

  4. Oh no I do hope that this does not turn into a saga like the one about you know what that I am having. Still waiting for a new one by the way, but this is worse as dishes can be easily washed by hand, but imagine having to wash all clothes by hand :(

  5. ...and the duvet covers...oh no Linda don't even think that ;)

  6. I have empathy, lots of empathy for you.
    When the kids were little, husband out of town, the youngest, then 1 year old got sick, throwing up all over her crib linens. Of course it was the middle of the night. After hearing from the doctor I proceded to change her little bed. All was okay until the second round of puking. The washing machine had decided to sleep through the night and I was out of crib sheets. Of course I just made do with the regular sheets. The next day the repair man could not make it out, for at least a few days.
    Yes, I threw the minimum number of sheets into the bathtub, and agitated them by stomping and kicking - just like the wine process. Not what I would advise, but got us through.
    Some day I am going to pick up a wine bottle with the name Dirty Linen.

  7. Mya, I know everything about night puke, only I miss the part where the washer doesn't work.
    A lot of empathy from me too, darling.

  8. Our washing machine went wrong. We lasted 3 days without it before we bought a new one!

  9. By nature, Ms. Washington (=Washing machine) is very helpful to eat that ice cream of dirty clothes on the top...
    Long live the washing machines. Thanks to them, we can really think we can be envied by Napoleon or the Queen Victoria.
    Chherio from a new follower!

  10. Joey I hope we don't have to buy a new one, it's not that old.

    Pilland, I so agree with you.

  11. OMG! I thought about you today as I did laundry. One of the blankets did not get spun out enough, and I said a prayer..."Please just last until Feb." That is when I will have paid off all the Christmas presents. LOL!

  12. Hahaha, Kimberly, thank you for being my friend, love.

  13. I LOVE my washing machine too and it's ancient. This weekend I was able to get a brand new front loader washer (the washer of my dreams) due to all the huge sales. I never thought I'd have one and I'm so excited. I totally understand how you feel. P.S. - If your washer breaks again, tell your DH to do the wash and then he'll understand how hard it is.

  14. sending you good vibes for all future washloads. I know the feeling. Our's has about died a couple times - it is 17 years old!!!!! I keep hoping it hangs in there a while longer

  15. MW I'm very glad that you've got the washer of your dreams.

    Carma, how did you know that I needed good vibes? we are always in tune!

    XOXO girls.


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