Monday, November 15, 2010

I don't 'speak holidays'.

What is a tradition? It's something that someone else set up long ago, and you keep on performing ...even if you don't want to.
But how do you know that you don't want it, if you don't even question it?
Some people are so used to behave in certain ways, that they don't even ask themselves if they like what they do. Or if they do it because everybody is doing it.
I do enjoy staying at home from work during holidays, but I don't like 'to have' to decorate, to have to buy gifts, to have to bake, to have have to...
That's why on my blog I don't talk about Christmas, Halloween, etc...etc...
I don't like to celebrate in the usual way (or sometimes I do, but only sometimes), I do try to celebrate and enjoy every single moment of my life.
So, now for always, I wish you a merry everyday :D

P.s.: one more thing that I don't like about 'Christmas' stereotype' is that  we should be more gentle, and generous...what? I think we should be like this all year long, shouldn't we?
P.p.s.: not to mention the fact that Christmas how we know it, it's probably of pagan origin, I googled it and I found some disconcerting historical facts.
P.p.p.s: and what about Santa's lie?
P.p.p.p.s.: want to talk about celebrating ghosts, evil, monsters....?
Ok, I shut up now.


  1. I totally agree with you, but also think that we have to celebrate Christmas traditional way when we have some children still at home. Mind that we are building their best memories.

  2. I don't know Dona, holidays aren't my best memories, well apart from staying at home and the relaxed feeling, oh and watching old movies ;)

  3. I'm a Christian so I do celebrate Christmas & Easter.

  4. I hope I didn't offend you, Joey :)

  5. I'm with you, we should be generous all year long.

  6. Happy Day and a Merry This Minute!

    I like it!

  7. I so totally agree with you!!
    I don't have to decorate, but I like to.
    I don't have to buy presents, so we buy one thing for our family.
    Like last year we went on a trip.
    Don't buy me a present if you think you HAVE TO-only if you WANT TO.
    We don't lie to our kids about Santa, and we don't do Halloween, either.
    This year, I was really trying to decide if we should have a tree-because it is pagan.
    But, we do like the lights and the memories that we share around the tree-like the friends that come, the singing about Jesus and his gift to us around the piano, the warmth of the fireplace...
    our worship isn't of the tree, or the lights. It's of the one who died on a tree and is the Light of the World :)
    So, just like Valentine's Day, I don't want flowers or candy and to be told I love you-I want to be cherished every day, same with Christmas, like you said: "I think we should be like this all year long, shouldn't we?".
    Yes, Alessandra. Yes, we should!!
    Good post.

  8. I agree that we should be generous all throughout the year (I celebrate Christmas/Easter). And I still believe in Santa;0)

  9. I agree that the celebration of our religious holidays has gotten way too commercialized. Somewhere along the line, we lost the perspective, and in losing the reason for the celebrations, we lost the everyday "do unto others." I liked your post, Alessandra.

  10. A lot of truth in what you say, I definitely do not like the commercialism!

  11. Leslie
    Cake Duchess
    I'm glad you appreciated this post, I thought people wouldn't ;)

  12. well Alessandra you know how I feel about Christmas.

    But I love to talk about ghosts

  13. Peggy, you gave me inspiration, but now you scare me ;)

  14. I'm not big on tradition. My husband on the other hand, we have to do every German tradition he's ever done since childhood. It gets old quickly ;-)


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