Monday, November 8, 2010

Carrot almond cake, half a success, no recipe.

Obviously I can't share any recipe, since the cake wasn't the best ever.
Why do I say it?...
Let's investigate!
a) my daughter said... hmm I don't like it so much.
b) my son didn't eat it at all (but he never does)
c) hubby said...unusual but eatable
d) I thought...the taste is good but it's too moist
Let's start from the beginning, I was a teenager...too far?
...I remember my mum did a carrot almond cake and it was delicious, fluffy and moist.
She did it only once but I still remember it, so I guess it was really good, unless my memory betrays me.
(No, it doesn't).
So today I decided to make it, I googled the recipe, but do you know how many carrot cake recipes are there?
Let me tell you, way too many.
However I found one that inspired me and did it.
If you know me, you also know that I don't like long posts, so I come to the point.
I didn't have the whisk to whip up egg whites, I used the food processor instead, but they didn't come well firm, that's why I presume it wasn't so fluffy.
After shredding carrots, I didn't squeeze out all the juice, that's why it was too moist, here I'm pretty sure.
Hence, my fault.
Moral of the story, always follow the recipe carefully, especially if you've taken all the step by step pictures, to post on your own blog.
And today there wasn't even a good light, just saying.
Thanks for listening, and, if someone wants to come and tidy up my messy kitchen I'll be very grateful...
Volunteers? No?
P.s.: if you have a fabulous carrot almond cake recipe, please let me know.


  1. Uhm, what about carrots and hazelnuts?
    You can try it without frosting, of course :-)

    I swear it's delicious!

  2. Graziiissime, la proverò di sicuro, senza glassa però.
    Quella che avevo fatto io era con pochissima farina, poi amo le nocciole, anzi le ho pure in casa :D

  3. I love carrott cake. However I don't have a recipe. Want Beer cake? It's yummy, moist and rich!

  4. Thanks Peggy, but we don't like beer :)

  5. I'm no help, my 'recipe' is to run out to a store and buy one.

  6. I like carrot cake but I do not like almonds.

    Don't like beer???

  7. I know Amber ;)

    Joey, no, sorry, but you don't like iced tea, so we are even :D

  8. Uhm... It doesn't look so bad... I would have eaten it ;)

  9. don hv recipe but urs look nice and inviting to take a bite....


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