Thursday, November 11, 2010

A book pro pedophile, are we crazy?

I read some posts in various blogs, saying that Amazon is selling an e-book that helps pedophile in doing better their 'job'.
How can someone even make and sell a criminal book?
I'm astonished, no, worse.
Here's the link to a Fox News' article.
I think it's right to boycott Amazon, don't you?

Update, the news says Amazon removed the book, but still I don't like that they did it only after the great pressures.


  1. I read about this. It will stop me from using Amazon agian. If they are so socially irresponsible as to keep this book selling and having it on their Kindle list I do not wish to do business with them!

  2. Apparently they've now removed the book.

  3. Peggy I wonder how the law doesn't intervene.

    Joey, thanks for the news, but I read that they have other questionable books.

  4. seriously? This is very irresponsible of Amazon!


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