Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Benefits of yoga till now.

No, I'm not able to do the full wheel yet, but I want to share the benefits that I had from yoga, for you who don't practice it.
Increased agility.
Better posture.
Increased self confidence.
Increased energy, of every kind ;)
Summarizing it all, I feel great, so thumbs up for yoga.


  1. I so want to like Yoga. My husband loves it.
    I hated it.

  2. It was unexpected for me to like it.

  3. I keep saying I'll get to a yoga class but so far not. I do some walking and stretching.

    I really LOVED Jazzercise. Maybe I'll get back to it.

    Lovely photo, inspired me to do that move!


  4. Jannie I love that position, it has a lot of grace, hasn't it?

  5. Yoga is certainly wonderful and has so many benefits. I love the way it relaxes my thoughts as well as the increased physical benefits.

  6. I tried yoga a couple times in the past - last time I gave up because my instructor did not believe in showers and was moving on to headstands by the third class - it was ridiculous. I'll never do a headstand ever!!!

  7. I agree that yoga improves agility and I keep trying to get in the habit to do some every day with the programme on my Wii, but I always seem to get distracted!

  8. Dear, I need to do something. I am becoming a blob. I need some sort of motivational speaker to come to my house and tell me to get up, while I drink my coffee.

    Any ideas?

  9. Mountain Woman, I'm glad that you like it.

    Carma, you always crack me up, and I don't believe in headstands as well, but I believe in showers.

    Linda, I believe in doing only what one wants.
    So it's ok, may be yoga it's not yor cup of tea. ;)

    Kimberly, I was already a blob, but I just wanted to feel better, so I felt guided towards yoga, you just have to have a strong motivation.

  10. @Kimberly: Try photo-fitness! It consists of biking around and taking nice pictures for your blog. Motivational and healthy, I definitely love it! :)

  11. Unfortunately I can't seem to take Yoga seriously. It just gives me the giggles.


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