Thursday, October 28, 2010

Some questions of philosophical nature.

At one point, one starts to ask oneself some questions about life, like:

Why doesn't things remain clean?
Why  has one to clean them over and over?

Why does a buttered slice of bread always fall on the buttered side?
I know it's Murphy's law, but why? That guy must be mean,
or he must be a baker!

If some people are beautiful, rich and intelligent,
why am I only intelligent ?........(may be)

Why husbands complain about wives,
and wives complain about husbands,
but they never agree?

Why is the yummiest food, the less healthy?
Another mean law.

Why is there Halloween?

Why, when you are in love, do you want to stay with your partner forever,
and after you marry, do you want to divorce?

Why aren't the cutest songs family friendly?
I'll post about this later.

Why, when I'm at a bus stop, does other people's smoke, always come my way?

Why can't I stop with this list?

Thanks for bearing with me.


  1. I totally agree with these! They made me laugh too!

  2. Great list, my biggest bug bear (another new phrase for you ?) is dust, it comes back before I even finish cleaning it away :(

  3. Linda, darling, thanks, I love to learn new idioms, I googled it:
    1. a thing that causes obsessive fear or anxiety
    I think that in Italian is Bugbear is 'Babau' a monster, but we can translate your sentence:
    Il mio più grande incubo (nightmare) è la polvere.
    Anche il mio!

  4. you raise some excellent points. I've read that the true love mushy gushy feeling ends after 18 months - it has to do with genetics and helps explain why once we are married we are eager to bail or have I said too much ;-)

  5. Carma, I thought it was clear that they are rethorical questions, or not? ;)

  6. Great list! The smoke always comes my way too... it is so annoying.

  7. I agree...why is it that the bread always falls on the buttered side!

    Your post today has certainly got me thinking...I won't try and come up with the answers though or I will go crazy!

    Best wishes and happy weekend!

  8. Thanks Michie.

    Natasha, absolutely, no answers required ;) and best wishes to you too.

  9. Già. I grandi interrogativi della vita... :)

  10. That buttered toast thing has driven me crazy for years!

  11. Linda I'm glad ;)

    Laxmy, thanks!

    Dona, già!

    Mama Zen, yes I spend hours thinking about it ;)


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