Saturday, October 9, 2010

A nice read.

So, my daughter bought me this book and I have to say that she's had quite a good intuition.
I was sick in bed, and reading seemed the most appropriate activity, it was something like 600 pages ( Italian edition ), and I read it in less than 24 hours, hence obviously it wasn't boring.
It's not a life changing book, at least not for me, but it was entertaining and full of suspence.
Interesting and fast paced.
It's about Masonry and ancient symbols, plus other stuff (I adore being precise).
It features Robert Langdon's character, by Dan Brown.
Actually it's the first Dan Brown's book that I read..... thumb up.
( Dan Brown, this quite 'unknown' author, needs so much my review to spread his work ;)


  1. My husband has just finished this and was disappointed, says it is not as good as his previous novels and vastly over complicated! I may or may not read, do you think I should?

    Have you found my Book Review Blog yet? I think you might enjoy it :)

  2. I admit it's complicated, but I don't know what to say.... I liked it, let's say 7.5 on 10.
    And you don't have to finish it, if you don't like it.
    I'll check your other blog, thanks.

  3. So many books, so little time. I sure did like his Davinci Code.

    But now all I read are blogs! :) LOVE blogs!!

    Hope you are feeling fit as a fiddle now??


  4. Thank you Jannie for asking, I'm fine now.
    Actually I don't read books anymore too, so many blogs, but this was a gift ;)

  5. you are now going to catapult Dan Brown to worldwide fame :D which reminds me I never rented The DaVinci Code. My son had been wanting to watch that DVD...

  6. Yes, you see how generous I am. I don't know why I had this feeling of not reading nor watching The Da Vinci Code.

  7. I never read novels, just non fiction.

    Hope you feel much better now!

  8. Thanks Joey, yes I'm fine now.
    About the books, I saw your choices ;)


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