Sunday, October 10, 2010

Liar, liar, pants on fire.

Well, I wasn't actually lying last week, when I said I would have posted Katy Perry.
I did check her songs, yeah they are funny, but not something that gives me emotions.
This week I reach a compromise, I mean the song is quite old, but the singer is young, by name, and as a matter of fact.
I love his voice and the arrangement.

If you want to participate in Sunday Song, head to 5 Minutes Just For Me.


  1. Just posted my Sunday Song and have now popped over to have a listen to Will Young's great version of an old song.

  2. Already headed to you place, and appreciated much what you posted today :D

  3. I love Will Young, I have his greatest hits album and he has just a great blue eyed soul voice. My favourite song by him is "Leave Right Now" and "Changes". Beautiful.

  4. I'll check those two, I'm glad this meets your taste. ;D

  5. He has a great voice for someone so young-I have never heard of him before. I love this song too!

    Thanks so much for sharing this great song with Sunday Song. I really love hearing your choice each week and appreciate your support. Thank you!

    Best wishes for a wonderful weekend!

  6. I love Will Young's voice - he was one of the true gems to be found in a TV talent show. Have you heard 'Friday's Child'? It is the perfect combo of Will Young's soulful voice and a lovely musical arrangement.

  7. I checked it out, angelcel, it's nice and the video is unusual and funny.


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