Sunday, September 19, 2010

That number who grows (or not ).

Today I was leaving a very sour comment on SITS, because they were asking if we have been roll calling or not.
Then I erased it.
I explain.
SITS it's a site for support among bloggers, people there are encouraged to visit fellow bloggers and leave some comments.
Almost everyday they feature one blog, thus driving to it a lot of traffic and followers.
If you want to be featured (which I don't) you have to comment at least 2/3 times a week on SITS and on other occasions on the blog that's ahead of you on the comments list.
And on the featured blog of the day.
In a certain way I appreciate this idea, because let's say, almost everybody loves comments, it makes you feel read, appreciated, and that you write with a purpose.
When I read something that I like, or find interesting, I leave a comment because I want that they have a sign of appreciation.
And I like to receive comments as well.
But what I don't like are meaningless comments, like hey I've been here; that's what you get when you force people to comment even when they don't have anything to say.
BUT, I've done it a few times. Why? you ask ( do you ask it, right?).
Because I wanted people to know me, to head to my blog, to like what I write.
Be patient, I get to the point.
Why do I want people visit me and find me interesting?
Of course because I like some interaction, but a good part of my desire was for that little number of followers to grow up.
Now I say that damn small number.
Because I have to admit it, when I see bloggers who have hundred of followers I get a bit jealous, and if I don't have the same ( how many is the same I don't know ) I feel that I'm not worthy.
So now may be you understand why I erased the comment on SITS.
Because I realized that I was doing the same.
A few times I "compromised" myself for that damn number.
What I said in that comment ( erased ) was that I prefer a few REAL followers, than a meaningless huge number.
Now I'm in peace with myself, because now I know it's true.


  1. Do you know about Dunbar's Number? We can manage relationships only with 150 people and no more, actually 148. So, to have hundreds or thousands of so-called friends is totally useless if not stupid.

  2. Oh well said, no point in having hundred of followers if they do not truly enjoy our blogs is there. The saying in English is Quality not quantity :)

  3. true true.. girl, i really like your honesty! I hope to get to know you better... and i'm not lying~ ^_^

  4. Oh Ale, I know exactly what you mean and have almost written this post many times myself.

    I have been featured by SITS and gained a few followers from it. Even so, I am also guilty of looking at other blogs and wishing I had as many followers as they have... but then I "wake up" again and I know that deep in my heart I am happy with the followers that I have. I also prefer the REAL followers... the ones who take the time to read (and comment), than just some huge number.

  5. I agree with you! I have found some interesting blogs from SITS but most of the time I find blogs by looking at who the people I enjoy reading the most read.

    We all like affirmation and having a lot of followers seems to make people happy. My followers have grown slowly but I've made some very nice bloggy friends along the way. I don't think that would have happened with 500 followers!

  6. -Chamki, I know that I can't have a relationship with so many people, it's just an obsession, the first thing when I open my blogger is looking if I have some comments, the second is the number of followers, what to do?

    -Linda, we say meglio pochi ma buoni.

    -Dreamer I know you're not lying, we are here to know each other.

    -Michaela, I think I found you through SITS, it's not all bad ;)

  7. Yes Citymouse I think it's all a matter of affirmation and self worth.
    I'm with you with making friends, simply one has preferences, sometimes you find someone that resonate with you, not always.

  8. Honestly, I don't get the whole followers thing.

  9. Those followers are just numbers. They don't actually visit and read your articles. I have thousand of Twitters followers, yet Google is the one the bring thousand of visitors to my site.

  10. did you read the post I did earlier this year on SITS. Let me see if I can find it. Shortly thereafter I gave up on SITS.

  11. GAH, it won't let me cut and paste it - but you can search on my blog - via the search box upper left. put in SITS. The title is: has sits day commenting sunken to a new low - 'nuff said ;-)


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