Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sunday Song

The first time I heard this song, I was watching a movie.
The movie itself was not so exceptional, in fact I don't even remember the title, but this song, oh I fell in love with it.
Unfortunately there wasn't the embed code on Youtube, so here's the link:
Somewhere over the rainbow - Iz Kamakawiwo'ole 
P.s. don't mind if I wrote Sunday Song while it's still Saturday, in the www strange things happen ;)

Linked up at Sunday Song Link Party, click on the link to go and hear beautiful songs:


  1. Oh is it Sunday already with you. I will be linking my Sunday Song with Natasha when I get up tomorrow morning, so will listen to yours then :)

  2. Hi there.....oh I love this song....actually it's been in so many movies....I even have it in my have very good taste....!

  3. Thank you dear for the compliment. I think we have a taste quite similar.

  4. I love this song, but I've never heard this version. He does a beautiful version with the uke. :)

  5. that is seriously such a happy tune. On American Idol in the U.S. Jason Castro sang it a few years back. It was an awesome version too...

  6. This is a beautiful song. We often hear it when we are in Hawaii and I love it. It has been in quite a few shows and movies but I believe this version was in an episode when the doctor Mark died (from that show ER). I could be wrong...
    I actually just posted about wanting to go back to Hawaii in my 3 sisters blog!

    Thanks for linking up-I am so happy you are joining in!

    Best wishes,

  7. Aw. That song comes on my Pandora station constantly, and every time it makes me smile in such HUGE ways.

    I can't make it through the whole song without stopping whatever I'm doing to feel really happy.

  8. G'day

    thanks so much for visiting my blog!

    feel free to post my pics and link

    happy days


  9. I love this song! I have heard various versions of it in many movies and loved it every time! Thank you for posting it.

    I hope your day is sweet,


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