Monday, September 20, 2010

A neat-freak wannabe.

Warning: I'm going to vent, so if you don't want to hear me complaining, please stay away!
I would like to be a perfect housekeeper, but sadly I'm not, I'm too much a slacker.
I don't want to pass all my day cleaning and tiding.
Nonetheless I would like my home to be always clean and tidy.
Do you feel my pain?
One thing that helps me in this almost impossible accomplishment, is having less stuff.
I love to get rid of unnecessary things.
But my family members are not of the same idea, oh no, they are keepers.
Today I will analyze my 13 years old girl.
She loves keeping all kind of stuff, garbage, papers, broken earrings, all kind of souvenir from the past, even clothes labels, got it?
And she's proud of it, but usually I let her "take care" of her own room, that means almost nothing.
However, today I decided to clean her bedroom thoroughly to make her a surprise, since she doesn't like to clean at all, I don't know who she resemble.
Well after two hours I haven't even finished and I'm dead tired.
That's all, thank you for listening ;)
P.s.: Besides today it's her birthday and that was intended to be one of my gifts, half failed.


  1. What a beautiful gift! Did she like it? Happy birthday!

  2. Attitude check - the room is half done.
    My daughter is now in grad school, and for her roommate's sake I hope she has learned to pick up after herself - I would like a million dollars also.
    I hope your daughter notices the wonderful half you have given her - put a pink bow on the door.

  3. Chamki, she couldn't care less ;)

    mya, you are absolutely right, it was just a moment of discouragement.
    And about your daughter and her roommate, I think they couldn't care less about houseworks.
    I would like a million dollar too and
    my daughter says "nooo pink bow", so girlish ;)

  4. Happy birthday to ur 2 hrs of cleaning....gud gift...

  5. Happy Birthday to your daughter, not entirely sure she will appreciate the thought though.

    My obsessive tidiness has driven my daughters to take a much more relaxed attitude to the concept of tidy:)

  6. I don't even want to look into my boy's room sometimes.

  7. I go after my sons' room periodically. It takes hours and looks great.....until they come home from school. Then it takes about 15 minutes for all of my hard work to fly out the window. I still do it, though. It's the only way to find all of their "lost" stuff.

  8. My daughter is 10, and she is the same way. It is frustrating to enter her room. I think I break out in hives just going in there. She collects rocks, papers, books, and anything else she can get her hands on, or so it seems. I help her clean her room a few times every couple of months. I dust and vac in her room, but I allow her to choose what she wants to give to the poor, throw away, or keep. It takes me ALL day to CLEAN her room.

    I truly feel your pain.

    PS Thanks for the award. I will post it on my blog. I really appreciate your friendship darling!

  9. I absolutely do feel your pain! My little girl always has a dozen different craft projects lying around. Drives me nuts!

  10. cleaning is a thankless job. You do it and then before you know it you're doing it again..My son is the same way. I was going through books from 12 years ago and he could not part with them because he still remembered them. Lesson to me: do not show him books from 12 years ago. He would not have missed them!!!!!

  11. I put half my daughter's art projects in the recycle bin and neatly stacked the rest... it took me an hour and she didn't even notice... granted she's only 5... but still.
    Happy b-day to your kiddo and such a great gift from mom!

  12. Hi Jenn, yes when she was 5 I did the same.
    Thank you :)


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