Sunday, September 5, 2010


I love this song!

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  1. Welcome to Sunday Song and it looks like I have discovered another blogger in Italy. Also thanks for calling by to listen to Jovanotti.

    I also like Robbie Williams :)

  2. Hi LindyLouMac, yesterday I read some of your site, unfortunetely I could not open the comment form, and cheched also some of the other bloggers in Italy.
    I loved to read how "foreigners" see us, and our country, very funny.

  3. It must have been a blogger problem as comments box seems to be working ok now. How do you see us 'stranieri' though :)

  4. Actually I don't know, I've always had some kind of interest and fascination in people that are different from me.
    I'm a sort of xenophile ;)

  5. see that we are both channeling the same theme half a world a way -- that's too funny! Love this song. I've heard it before but I thought someone else was singing it...scratches head...

    Hope you are doing well :)

  6. I love this song too! Actually I love anything by Robbie Williams-what an entertainer!

    Thanks for linking up and for sharing one of my favourite songs! I am so happy you are joining in with us each week!

    Best wishes and happy week,

  7. Indeed Carma!

    Natasha I'm so happy to have met your meme, that gives me the opportunity to go through my favorite music.

  8. Hi!! Thanks! I would like to be born in th 50's, 60's, 70's, or 80's. I was born in 1990. I wish I was born in earlier times because I love those eras.


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