Friday, September 17, 2010

An amazing thing that happened to me, people with a beautiful heart and on how life works.

It all started today, well actually I don't know when all started ... today checking my comments I found one from Natasha of 5 minutes just for me, who told me that she had an award for me on her blog.
I'm not an award person, however I took it as an unexpected sign of appreciation and was very pleased, so I went to her blog, picked up my award, left a comment and had some exchange of emails with her.
She's definitely a friendly kind of gal, and her sweet words impressed me a lot.
Actually every spontaneous random act of kindness, makes me emotional. ( I cry )
However, I was pondering how she's kind and generous and loving, it would have been nice to reciprocate in some manner.
I thought to create some kind of 'sweetest blogger' banner or something like this, featuring the image of sugar, or honey or cake, you know...
And here start the awesome thing, checking my blog again I saw another comment by Laxmi, a blogger who I encountered yesterday, I liked her blog, the way she writes, the things she says, her beautiful pictures, so I followed and left some comment.
She had an award for me too and when I went to her blog I found this:

I was shocked.
Well, I'm prone to think that we are all energy, we are all a whole, nonetheless it amazed me.
And she had such nice words for me.
So, since she created that banner, I decided to create another one for all the outstanding beautiful hearts that I met while blogging, which I was thinking to do for some time.
Here you are:

I found the picture with google and edited the words.
These are the bloggers that have shown me their beautiful hearts, till now, in no particular order:
Mountain Woman
Mama Zen
Thank you girls!
And another amazing thing, this is what my horoscope says for today:
Warmth and affection
Weak, transient effect: It is unfortunate that this influence is so brief, because it gives you such a pleasant sense of well-being. Tonight you feel very warm and friendly to the people around you, and you are willing to offer emotional or physical support to anyone who needs it. You are generous and giving. People will warm to you, and you should get from others exactly what you give, that is, warmth and affection. You are likely to attract basically happy and positive people with whom you will have an enjoyable time. This is not the result of a "Pollyanna" view of reality that refuses to recognize trouble and pain in the world, but of a real sense of belonging and oneness with others. In a very important sense you feel that helping others helps you. On another level this influence indicates a concern with the general welfare. 

I think this is the longest post I've ever written.
Thank you if you read it all, really!


  1. I read every word and am happy to be getting to know you :) Thanks for the award which I will not be posting about if you do not mind as I have not worked out how to collect these on a separate page on my blog.

  2. I am touched that you included me :-) You are generous and giving just as your horoscope says!! I shall proudly display it in my award area..

  3. I'm doing gr8 dear, hope ur doing gr8 too....
    I'm nearing my due date and my whole family is excited about our little one arrival. I am very happy to see ur msg. It's a lovely award, thank you.
    You made my day dear!!!

  4. You are the one who deserves this sweet token of friendship! Thank you so much for thinking of me and I happily accept this virtual gift! I will display it on my side bar.

    It is wonderful to be surrounded my happiness and positivity isn't it!

    Best wishes always,

  5. You are so sweet, Ale! Thank you so much. :)

  6. Love this post! Unexpected things can blossom into something positive. ^_^ I have to remember to think positively at all times.


  7. Hi! It's me again.... thanks for posting a comment on my blog. ^_^ ...In response to your question, no, I haven't been to Italy.. but I've always wanted to go there. There's something about Italy for me... I don't know what it is, but its charm captivates me. Someday, I'll visit.... ^_^

  8. It would be nice to have you here ^_^

  9. What wonderful awards you received. You are so well deserving of all of them because a sweeter more gentler soul couldn't be found in the blogosphere.

    I'm so honored you bestowed the beautiful award on me. I'm working on my sidebar to put it in. Thank you so much.

    Not such a long post. I read every word and enjoyed it thoroughly.

  10. You are such a sweetheart! Thank you!


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