Thursday, September 23, 2010

About me.

Today a fellow blogger remarked that in my profile I didn't put much about me.
So true, actually when I started to blog, I wanted to share some experience but I didn't want to share my life in public.
I'm a private person.
But, since this one blog it's becoming more and more personal, to the extent that I should change it's name, (well actually not), however, I put here some facts about me.
Where to start?
From the beginning, of course.
1 I'm born on Columbus Day of 1968 ( do your counts ) and
2 I'm Italian :D
3 I'm a human being of female gender
4 If you believe in horoscopes I'm a Libra, ascendant in Cancer
5 I have two kids, a teenage girl and a small boy
6 I married on 1993 and still are
7 I have a Mum who blogs
8 I'm born and live in North Italy
9 I know a lot of people who would like to visit Italy
10 I love pizza (srsly?), spaghetti, Nutella and Tiramisu
11 I'm fat, see n. 10 ;)
12 I have brown hair with some white locks that I don't want to cover... for now
13 I have a part-time job as a secretary
14 When I was young I wanted to become an artist
15 I don't draw or paint anymore (or very rarely)
16 When I was young I loved horses so much, and loved to draw them, now I have other priorities
17 When I first met my husband he taught me how to ride ... horses
18 I don't have pets, but I like them .... but not in my house, see n. 21
19 I love blogging
20 My husband hates when I'm blogging
21 I'm lazy
22 I mop around my kids
23 I couldn't live without a bidet
24 I think men should attend to courses
25 I love strawberries and peaches
26 I love to snuggle
27 I'm emotional, I cry easily
28 when I have PMS I become a b**ch, otherwise I'm an angelic creature ;)
29 I'm a quiet person
30 I don't talk much
31 I hate and avoid social events
32 I'm not for traditions
33 I'm quite a xenophile
34 I love to learn new things
35 I have an eclectic style
36 I love to see how other people live
37 I choose to be happy as much as possible
38 I love to love
39 I love to appreciate
40 When I visit a new country I love to enter in a supermarket and look at the products
41 I'm an only child
42 I have 8 aunts/uncles
43 I have 8 cousins
44 I love to heal with natural methods, but now I'm taking antibiotics, oh what an horror!
Nice to meet you guys!
Oh my name is Alessandra, for you friends it's Ale.


  1. A fun post Ale, thanks for sharing :)

  2. I loved this.

    The link that took me to northern Italy was gorgeous as was the vacation.

    I think I need to visit!

  3. Thank you so much for letting us get to know a little about you.

  4. Nice to meet you!

    I don't think that I have much on my profile page, either. It's hard to know what to say!

  5. I luv it!

    Nice to meet you! Thanks for sharing something about yourself~

    I, too, love spaghetti... actually, I love any pasta! My friends at work call me 'pasta monster' cos I only really eat like a pig when we have pasta for lunch! hehe.. ^_^

    I'm one of those people who want to visit Italy, and you know it! hehe ^_^ ...someday...

  6. Yay!!! I loved this list. I also avoid social functions whenever possible, and you know my love of Italy. Still trying to convince my son that we need to go there to film him juggling before he graduate high school. No pets here, either. And you know I'm with ya on #27. Still a big ball of stress over here :-(

  7. This was cute. Wow! Your mom blogs too! And I'm one of those people that want to see Italy one day. For the art and the pizza =)


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