Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wind of change.

May be because I can't wait for autumn
may be because I didn't like my former background anymore
may be because I like so much the new Blogger design
may be because I can change it whenever I want.
I love autumn leaves, what d'cha think?

And just for the occasion a beautiful song from the past:

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  1. I absolutely love that song -- thanks for the flashback :)

  2. I bet Carma, that you like it ;)

  3. Love the background. Maybe all of us need a change now and again. I am so ready for the fall!

  4. I love the new blogger backgrounds. If I ever have trouble with mine again, I already have a blogger background picked out to use.

  5. Me too Kristen, the only thing, may be, the loading it's a bit slow.
    Not to mention the fact that lately I have a lot of problems in visualizing blogger's blogs.
    Does it happen to you?

  6. This is such a good song!

    I love the new look =)

  7. Thankyou for calling by my blog via Blog Frog. Lovely song have you thought about sharing on Sunday Song? Unless you do join in anyway and I have just missed you :)

  8. Thanks LindyLouMac, no, I didn't know Sunday Song.

  9. Thanks to Linda for introducing you to our Sunday Song project! I hope that you can join in again next week!

    I used to love this song and have really enjoyed hearing it again. Thanks!

    Best wishes,

  10. Thanks Lindy and Natasha, I hope too.


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