Thursday, August 19, 2010

Squared stubborness.

Today I was mopping the floor ( you see, I mop sometimes ;) and my 4 yo boy was playing, sitting on the floor.
I asked him, gently to move to another room, he refused, I insisted, nothing.
So I proceeded to mop, all around him! bah!
Stubborn the two of us.
Do you have obstinate kids?
How do you deal with them?


  1. We are all stubborn here at my house. The technique I use depends on the child. With my oldest son I used to win through bossing him around (of the "do it 'cause I said so" genre), but now that he's older I can actually use reason!
    My younger son can be giggled out of any position, so he's a lot easier to handle. :-)

  2. the kid is pretty flexible but I have a husband like you mentioned ;-)

    talkin' constipation on my blog today :D

  3. Saretta, sometimes I boss him around ( out of desperation ) but I find it tiring and it worsens things a bit.
    However a little "thunderstorm" once in a while it's liberating.

    Carma do you have some suggestions?

  4. To maintain my sanity, I pick my battles!

  5. Mama Zen, I know you are a great "briber".

  6. I have to pick and choose my battles. Like right now, Abby is playing with an old dry erase board. I won't get after her until she starts biting the magnets off the back. Which will, as you know, be soon I'm sure.


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