Friday, August 20, 2010

From our dinner to you: crispy eggplants and other stuff.

For dinner, we had breaded chicken breasts and crispy eggplants.
I have two tips about them, and while I consider them interesting, you may or may not.
I hope you do ;)
First, something my Mom taught me on how to remove the poultry taste  from, you know, the chicken.
I am not a great meat eater, and it happens sometimes ( often )  that  meat has a weird taste to me.
So, here we are, to eliminate unwanted odors or taste from  meat,  let it "marinate" for at least 10 minutes in a solution of  water and baking soda ( one or two teaspoons of BS ).
Then you rinse well and voilĂ , the smell/ taste is gone.
Believe me (try it) it works.

The second tip is on how to obtain crispy eggplants, that are equal if not superior to French fries, in deliciousness.
- remove part of the skin of a big eggplant.

- dice it.

- in a big bowl add some multipurpose flour to the dices, and coat them well, mixing all up.

- in a non sticky pan, pour some EVOO, toss in the eggplant dices and stir well to coat them with oil.
- note that they are not deep fried :D

-add a pinch of salt.
-on a medium to high  fire, stir the eggplants continuously, until tender, and until a nice brown crust covers them.

-enjoy while warm, the hotter is better but care your tongue.

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  1. Aha so you did it! and ten minutes were enough? Great, so you enjoy your chicken now? Kiss kiss kiss

  2. Extra Virgin Olive Oil, I bet you know it well!

  3. Yum! I really love egg plant! I ate a lot of it in China.

  4. Wow Olivia, I am curios about you being in China!

  5. I'm always looking for new things to do with eggplant and I really like the sound of your recipe. It sounds delicious.


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