Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Valdostana steak ( my way ).

This is the quickest and easiest recipe that I know to make an uber delicious meat that even my super picky son loves.
I promise, you will thank me.
A little introduction first, the original recipe is from Valle d'Aosta, a famous North Italian region in the Alps (mountains), it requires a veal steak, Fontina cheese and ham.
There is a version with breaded meat also, but it requires more time, obviously.
Usually I do it with chicken breasts, another cheese (usually Asiago), because Fontina has a very strong taste, and ham or mortadella.
I imagine the purists will be horrified, but we won't tell 'em, 'kay? ;)
So you will need a steak per person or a slice of chicken breasts without bones (or more if your Hubby is like mine), some cheese that you like and that melts ( cheddar, asiago, fontina....), ham or mortadella, I never used salame, so I can't say about it.
Salt and pepper (optional), oil or/and butter.
Heat a greased (better non sticky) pan.
Put your steak or steaks and start to cook them, add salt and pepper as you like.
When the side is done turn them over.
Now put a slice of ham and a slice of cheese over each steak.
Cover with the lid and let cook until done, and until the cheese is melted.
P.s. I told you it was quick, eh!
Update: I tried it with a thin slice of salame, plus mountain's cheese, and it turned out great.

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  1. Your dish looks delish!

    When my husband makes dinner, this is one of his favorites to make. He uses chicken breast for me, and colpa as the stuffing meat. He tries different cheeses at times.

    He and the kids like steak, but I am not a beef lover. One of the great things about Italian dishes is that they can change to the taste of individuals. 5 stars Ale for the YUMMY factor!

  2. I like that, it seems so easy. I'm all about easy recipes! And I bet it would work with lactose-free mozzarella, so I could eat it too.

  3. Yes, it's very easy, but I don't know what kind of mozzarella you have in mind, may be it would be too watery.
    Let me know.

  4. Yum! I prefer the chicken breasts, too.

  5. That does sound (and look) really good.

  6. Kimberly, I thought I had answered you, sorry, and thank you for your lovely words.

    Mama Zen :-)

    Amber, and so so easy ;)

  7. What a great idea - it's always nice to do something different with steak and chicken! Thanks for sharing.


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