Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm on a (tight) budget!


Hi guys, here I am, back from one of my “little” hiatuses and a busy period, to....ta da.... deal in my pocket and vent.

All started when, in the last months (years) I did not make ends meet.

So, after the good advice of my always wise mom, and reading some articles on Oprah's site, I decided to put myself back on track.

First thing, I had to make a list of my average monthly fixed costs.

Now, my net income from my part time job, as an employee is........, insert a low income.

The first expense on my list is Condo fees and heating...too much, however, let's go on...

Then there are transports, electricity, gas, telephone and the Internet (one of my vices), my daughter allowance, subscription TV, PC loan, clothing allowances for me and my daughter ( very low...30 euros BOTH, per month), and my other vice that is my midmorning croissant, but not everyday, you see I'm not so vicious.

All this plus a 10% for the contingencies.

After subtracting all the costs from my income, ( sorry for the tedious task, accountant anyone?) and wanting to save at least 50€ per month, that is less than 10% of my pay, I have the gracious sum of....150 Euro, that divided by 30 days, makes the fabulous amount of 5 Euro ( 6$ something ) per day to spend on groceries, woo hoo, ahem, poor me!

Okay, there's always hubby to meet our remaining needs, hallo dear! Fortunately, but this result makes me a little sad.

Feel free to donate...some good wishes, and cheers to help me keep my good intentions.

If you are still here, thank you for listening, really!

Do you budget your expenses?

Do you know what's a restaurant or a cinema? A vacation? ;)

Share your thoughts.



  1. Oh, i know it is quiet difficult to squeeze the budget dear, i always throw such accountings to my poor husband;)

  2. Budget?!

    Well, it is something I hate to do, but I have to since I send my kids to a private school.The two of them also have a tutor, so we have about $3,000 on Education each month.
    We also have two dogs that are over 100lbs each. The tiny ones are inexpensive to feed. They on the other hand have to go to the salon.

    We have not gone on vacation in a few years, but sometime this year we hope to go somewhere.

    We have a T1 newtwork, so that is 300 a month. Most people have broadband on "high speed" which cost about 30 to 100 a month. Since my husband works for an agency that has to access all the time we have to have the VERY best service.

    I have almost paid down everything. Today our contractor will tell me what I owe him, and then I still have the floors to finish, and counter tops to add. Hopefully, I will be able to rent out the apartment really soon.


  3. we don't budget but we do live rather frugally compared to most. Not sure we could get by on $6 a day though!! the income from my part-time job is pretty much as you describe from your's ;-)

  4. @ Mythreyi, hi! poor husband!
    @ Kimberly, would you ever consider to adopt me, darling? ;)
    @ Carma, of course we don't live with 6 dollars a day, although, many people in the world live with much less, so I consider myself very lucky, after all.

  5. Ugh, I hate budgeting. But we have to do it.

  6. responding to your comment on my blog:
    the purpose of the goal list is to push yourself, to fit extra things into a year that you wouldn't normally accomplish. to focus and stay on task for those of us who wouldn't just be doing it everyday anyway. it works!

  7. i can appreciate what you're saying, but it's a bit like a budget in a way too. instead of spending money or time on things that you don't really need, it keeps me in check, with goals that mean something to me.
    i'm also normally a procrastinator - i do really well with deadlines. and breaking things down into little steps helps me too - ie. "have a better photography business by 2011" is too abstract.
    "learn how to use flash more effectively"
    "open an etsy shop" + "plan 5 photoshoots for my portfolio only" are smaller steps that make the larger goal more manageable.
    and it's fun to share the goals, i've met a few people with common interests and started conversations.

  8. Mama Zen, it's not so bad, but the results sometimes are ;)


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