Friday, July 16, 2010

I love me some Masala Chai and furniture.

Maybe today is not the best day to talk about something hot, since is a hot day itself ( the hottest this year ), but having nothing else to talk about...

My Mum, who lives in India, has come to stay with us for a little vacation and brought some Masala Chai (spices).

Masala Chai is the Indian tea, a very spicy tea with milk, I find it delicious, even during a hot afternoon like this one, is a real treat, tasty and aromatic, preferabily accompanied by a good piece of cake, mmmm.

To brew Masala Chai, you need black tea, Chai spices, sugar, water and milk.


put half cup of water per person, plus one, in a casserole.

Add the point of a teaspoon of Chai spices per person plus one in the water.

Add one teaspoon of black tea per person, plus one, bring to boil and wait till the water darkens.

Now add half a cup of milk and a teaspoon of sugar per person plus one and let simmer until the misture becomes of a light brown color.

Drain and serve.

If by chance you want to prepare a small batch of Chai spices, grind some green cardamom, some clove, some cinnamon, and a little black pepper ( optional ).

Besides that, today I discovered the existence of a beautiful furniture site, and since I love furniture very much (I prefer to buy house's stuff instead of clothes and shoes) I want to show you something that I love.

I'd definitely wash myself in this bathroom...

or in this one:

I would eat at this table:

or at this one:

This nice home office instead, is from Pottery Barn:

Have a great week end you all!


  1. Wow! i do love Masala chai with crunchy fritters whether it rains or shines. And those furnitures are really unique and beautiful dear:)

  2. I have not been to Restoration Hardware in years, but I have this metal wire wreath that I got from there about 15 years ago that is still hanging up - I absolutely love it :-)

    I like that second bathroom with all the white --
    Hope you have a nice visit with your mom.

  3. Of course Mythreyi, come one over and bring some fritters ;)

  4. I love the first bathroom. The cabinets are so beautiful.

    The tea sounds lovely. I just love tea, and coffee.

    Have a great one Ale!!!!

  5. That tea sounds delicious! It has been hot hear as well and yet I too was craving a hot drink today (hot cocoa). I didn't have it though... I was too afraid it would make me feel even hotter.

  6. Gals, your sweet comments always make my day ;)


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