Friday, July 23, 2010

How can people live without a bidet?

Warning: if easily offended or a bit puritan, you possibly don't want to read further.
Still there?
Well, follow me on this one ;)
When your hands get dirty what will you do?
Probably you go to the washbasin and wash them with water and soap, I guess.
When your butt get dirty, what do you do?
In Italy the 99% of the house's bathrooms, even the smallest and cheapest, has this wonderful invention, the bidet.
It has the same function of a washbasin, with the form of a little toilet, and it has the purpose of washing the private parts when they get dirty.
I know, people of most countries in the world don't even know what a bidet is, or if they know they don't have it, or use it, or even want it.
I traveled in some country where at least they have some kind of device to wash themselves after body's functions.
Be it some kind of little shower, or at least a cup to pour water with, but I found those systems a tad uncomfortable, because it's difficult to wash oneself on a toilet, since water sprinkles outside.
What other possibilities are there?
Wet wipes....yes, use them everyday for the rest of my life, I prefer pure, plain, old water and soap.
To wash in the bathtub or shower, even less practical, and then you wet all your legs and feet.
And if you are in a hurry you can't take a shower.
Only toilet paper, obviously it's the only possibility when you are outside your house, but in my opinion it's not sufficient because I prefer to feel all fresh and clean, and then you've got dirty panties.
And for women with menses, no, the only logical solution is the bidet.
How do you 'ahem' wash yourself if you don't have a bidet?
Share your thoughts ;)
P.s. No I'm not in the bidet business.


  1. Love it! I dont have a bidet but my inlaws always did and we would find the kids squirting water all over the place!! My MIL swears by it...

  2. I want a bidet! I've always wanted one! Sadly, we don't have one, so I rely heavily on wet wipes, which are not my favorite thing.

    Stopping by via SITS to say hello!

  3. I have to say that I had a house once that had a bidet. It was right during I had baby #3. It was hard to move away from that house.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog, I love it here and am a new follower!

  4. Ciao Alessandra! Thanks for visiting my blog and for the tip on the Tetrapaks! Bidets are a hard one for many puritan minds to get around. I mean, my mom in the US is horrified if I even say the word "toilet"! But the bidet is useful!
    I have become a follower, will you follow me, too? :-)

  5. This is such an issue ah ah ah great! Bidet is one of the most wonderful invention and i cannot live without it, or so i was thinking when i went to India, but then i connected a pipe on the tap next to the toilet and i wash myself with that, yet not as much comfortable as the bidet. I remember in the old house of my grandparents there was a portable bidet that was filled with warm water every time it was needed and we learned to use it since childhood. Americans and the like they don't know what they are missing!

  6. We don't own a bidet, but my husband swears by it. When we buy our ranch he says "We have to have a bidet!" He spent his summers in Italy as he grew up, always thought it was hard to come back to the U.S. without a bidet.

    Personally, wipes are the way to go for me.

    Ale, this was too funny!

    I am not sure why people are irked about bodily functions...we all do it.

  7. When you buy your ranch you have to, your Hubby's right.
    Glad you found it funny, me too ;)

  8. I'm not convinced that you are not in the bidet business ;-)

    I am a "bidet virgin" having never used one!

  9. Having used bidets all my life -until a couple of years ago when I moved to the States-, I find it very disgusting not using one. Even if I use tons and tons of toilet paper and it's never enough. I just don't understand how people can live with a dirty/smelly butt all the time. Gross!

  10. I'm an italian designer and honestly, i can't understand how people can live without Bidet ahah :D


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