Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Valdostana steak ( my way ).

This is the quickest and easiest recipe that I know to make an uber delicious meat that even my super picky son loves.
I promise, you will thank me.
A little introduction first, the original recipe is from Valle d'Aosta, a famous North Italian region in the Alps (mountains), it requires a veal steak, Fontina cheese and ham.
There is a version with breaded meat also, but it requires more time, obviously.
Usually I do it with chicken breasts, another cheese (usually Asiago), because Fontina has a very strong taste, and ham or mortadella.
I imagine the purists will be horrified, but we won't tell 'em, 'kay? ;)
So you will need a steak per person or a slice of chicken breasts without bones (or more if your Hubby is like mine), some cheese that you like and that melts ( cheddar, asiago, fontina....), ham or mortadella, I never used salame, so I can't say about it.
Salt and pepper (optional), oil or/and butter.
Heat a greased (better non sticky) pan.
Put your steak or steaks and start to cook them, add salt and pepper as you like.
When the side is done turn them over.
Now put a slice of ham and a slice of cheese over each steak.
Cover with the lid and let cook until done, and until the cheese is melted.
P.s. I told you it was quick, eh!
Update: I tried it with a thin slice of salame, plus mountain's cheese, and it turned out great.

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Friday, July 23, 2010

How can people live without a bidet?

Warning: if easily offended or a bit puritan, you possibly don't want to read further.
Still there?
Well, follow me on this one ;)
When your hands get dirty what will you do?
Probably you go to the washbasin and wash them with water and soap, I guess.
When your butt get dirty, what do you do?
In Italy the 99% of the house's bathrooms, even the smallest and cheapest, has this wonderful invention, the bidet.
It has the same function of a washbasin, with the form of a little toilet, and it has the purpose of washing the private parts when they get dirty.
I know, people of most countries in the world don't even know what a bidet is, or if they know they don't have it, or use it, or even want it.
I traveled in some country where at least they have some kind of device to wash themselves after body's functions.
Be it some kind of little shower, or at least a cup to pour water with, but I found those systems a tad uncomfortable, because it's difficult to wash oneself on a toilet, since water sprinkles outside.
What other possibilities are there?
Wet wipes....yes, but...to use them everyday for the rest of my life, I prefer pure, plain, old water and soap.
To wash in the bathtub or shower, even less practical, and then you wet all your legs and feet.
And if you are in a hurry you can't take a shower.
Only toilet paper, obviously it's the only possibility when you are outside your house, but in my opinion it's not sufficient because I prefer to feel all fresh and clean, and then you've got dirty panties.
And for women with menses, no, the only logical solution is the bidet.
How do you 'ahem' wash yourself if you don't have a bidet?
Share your thoughts ;)
P.s. No I'm not in the bidet business.

Friday, July 16, 2010

I love me some Masala Chai and furniture.

Maybe today is not the best day to talk about something hot, since is a hot day itself ( the hottest this year ), but having nothing else to talk about...

My Mum, who lives in India, has come to stay with us for a little vacation and brought some Masala Chai (spices).

Masala Chai is the Indian tea, a very spicy tea with milk, I find it delicious, even during a hot afternoon like this one, is a real treat, tasty and aromatic, preferabily accompanied by a good piece of cake, mmmm.

To brew Masala Chai, you need black tea, Chai spices, sugar, water and milk.


put half cup of water per person, plus one, in a casserole.

Add the point of a teaspoon of Chai spices per person plus one in the water.

Add one teaspoon of black tea per person, plus one, bring to boil and wait till the water darkens.

Now add half a cup of milk and a teaspoon of sugar per person plus one and let simmer until the misture becomes of a light brown color.

Drain and serve.

If by chance you want to prepare a small batch of Chai spices, grind some green cardamom, some clove, some cinnamon, and a little black pepper ( optional ).

Besides that, today I discovered the existence of a beautiful furniture site, and since I love furniture very much (I prefer to buy house's stuff instead of clothes and shoes) I want to show you something that I love.

I'd definitely wash myself in this bathroom...

or in this one:

I would eat at this table:

or at this one:

This nice home office instead, is from Pottery Barn:

Have a great week end you all!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm on a (tight) budget!


Hi guys, here I am, back from one of my “little” hiatuses and a busy period, to....ta da.... deal in my pocket and vent.

All started when, in the last months (years) I did not make ends meet.

So, after the good advice of my always wise mom, and reading some articles on Oprah's site, I decided to put myself back on track.

First thing, I had to make a list of my average monthly fixed costs.

Now, my net income from my part time job, as an employee is........, insert a low income.

The first expense on my list is Condo fees and heating...too much, however, let's go on...

Then there are transports, electricity, gas, telephone and the Internet (one of my vices), my daughter allowance, subscription TV, PC loan, clothing allowances for me and my daughter ( very low...30 euros BOTH, per month), and my other vice that is my midmorning croissant, but not everyday, you see I'm not so vicious.

All this plus a 10% for the contingencies.

After subtracting all the costs from my income, ( sorry for the tedious task, accountant anyone?) and wanting to save at least 50€ per month, that is less than 10% of my pay, I have the gracious sum of....150 Euro, that divided by 30 days, makes the fabulous amount of 5 Euro ( 6$ something ) per day to spend on groceries, woo hoo, ahem, poor me!

Okay, there's always hubby to meet our remaining needs, hallo dear! Fortunately, but this result makes me a little sad.

Feel free to donate...some good wishes, and cheers to help me keep my good intentions.

If you are still here, thank you for listening, really!

Do you budget your expenses?

Do you know what's a restaurant or a cinema? A vacation? ;)

Share your thoughts.


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