Monday, June 14, 2010

Once I was (not) Julius Caesar.

Today is Mia Monday over at Terra del Sole, so here you are, an embarrassing moment of my life:

I was 11, I attended junior high, and was a very shy and introverted girl, so I can not understand how they decided that I had to play a role in a recital.

May be it was just for that, to help me overcoming my fears, or it was the fact that I had a boy cut, the teachers decided that I had to be Julius Caesar.

Luckily I had only to say five words "Quoque tu Brute, filii mihi", and fall down on the floor, murdered.

So I had to wear this white bed sheet, like a toga, and a laurel wreath, but when my moment came, I could not remember a single word, and, on top of this, someone in the public said "Look, Julius Caesar wears a watch!"

(Hey! Nobody's told me that I wasn't supposed to wear a watch).

Oh my! What's worse than that?

( I know, I know, there are many things worse than that, but not for me in THAT moment ).

At last, some pious soul (my teacher) suggested me, and finally I said my part.

Definitely acting is not my thing.

And fortunately embarrassing moments pass.

In effect I've had worse moments than that, but by any means I will tell you, promise! ;)


  1. How embarrassing! Stopping by from SITS :)

  2. Stopping by from SITS...

    I'm right there with you. As old as I am I'd still be dying on stage!

  3. Ahhhh, I just want to give you a hug. Why do parents say things like that at a play?

    I had a baseball style shirt that I just loved when I was about the same age, and this guy my parents knew said "Why is your shirt two different patterns? Could your parents afford to get you a real shirt?" He said this in front of a whole group of other parents and kids that really played baseball with my sister. (I did not play, I really sucked at it)

    I never wore that shirt again.

  4. Oh, Kimberly, It's funny that I really can laugh about it now, well it's passed, how much time? 30 years? Time heals, really.
    However you are right, who knows why people say such things.

  5. Oh that was a great moment.. I guess we all have them. Stopping by from Mia Mondays..

  6. beautifully done,
    thank you for the fun part.

    here is my entry for Mia Monday:

  7. Alessandra, I would love to have your help. I will pay you for your time too. Maybe you could help me with some genealogy research too?!

    Here is my

  8. Yeah, I'm no actor either. I'd probably forget my lines too.

  9. Hi gals , thanks for your visit.

  10. that's the kind of things I remember forever too...bummer about the casting as Julius. Were there not enough boys in the class?

  11. Thank you dear. Hope ur doing great too:)

  12. thanks for visiting me at my new place -- one of these days I'll figure out how to transfer over the google friend connect...It is all very frustrating :-(

  13. Are you out of the blogging mood? Hope all is well!

  14. Yes Kimberly, but I'm also very busy, I'll answer your mail.

  15. Really harsh of whoever made the watch comment! Poor little-you.


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