Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Did you like it?


The Lost finale I mean.
I did, I loved it.
I didn't appreciate the last season very much, but with the finale, it is like we came back to the old Lost.
And I liked the metaphor, as life is, Lost has been an amazing adventure, full of mysteries, that probably don't have any logic explanation, but it's definitively worth living.
And Love, in it's widest meaning, is the only important thing.
Or was it the Purgatory, I'm not sure, hmmm?!? :D


  1. I'm one of the few who have never watched Lost, but I like that you got a deep meaning out of the finale!

  2. Hi Carma, what are the shows that you are watching?

  3. I am finally trying to get caught up on catching up with my bloggy friends.

    I don't watch Lost, and only watched the first couple of episodes the very first year. I am shocked that the show went on past a year.

    I read your post about comments, and here is why I don't comment back...I am not sure that people go back to read what I say to them. I think I did early in blogging, but it did not seem as though people cared about comments to comments.

    I may have to give it another try to see if it is worth the extra time invested.

    We all have different styles when writing our blogs...one way or another does not make it wrong...trial and error...What works, and what does not. I will test it!

    Thanks for the insight!

  4. You are right Kimberly, do what it's good for you.
    Thanks to you too.

  5. Oh, I hated it! Too many loose ends for me.


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