Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Why I chose a puma as my avatar.

Disclaimer: it's not that I'm posting again at full regime but today I was thinking about my avatar and how it can be misunderstood.
Okay, first I'm Italian, and in Italy we don't have pumas, I only saw them in movies and documentaries and always liked them, I think their faces are beautiful.
And once I had an avatar who was a cougar's cub, so lovely.
But then I was looking for a new avatar, and since I thought to be more mature, I imagined an adult puma could fit.
When I found the picture above, I liked it immediately, it seems so placid, and pensive, and lazy, the way I am.
What I didn't think at the time was:
First, for American people, a cougar or puma is a real threat, in certain areas cougars are free and dangerous.
Second, for Americans, a "cougar" is a mature woman (as I am) that dates with younger men (I don't).
Now, I'm a bit concerned about these two things, and I ask you, my friends, what my avatar makes you think?
Honestly ;)


  1. I hadn't given thought to the meaning behind the puma as it relates to personality or a woman's age. I guess I just figured you were a nature lover...Now that I know the meaning it does make more sense. I'm working more and it is sure putting a crimp in my blogging :-(

  2. Nature lover, nice! thank you Carma.
    And don't mind you always rock.

  3. I think it's just really pretty. I didn't even think cougar - older woman - until you mentioned it. I wouldn't relate it to your avi at all. I'd just think that you like them.

    And I'm near an area (my parents live in that area) where cougars have been spotted recently. No one is overly concerned about it. Actually the opposite for us, I'm happy they are making a comeback. I don't want to see any animal extinct.

  4. I love your avatar. I thought it alluded to your strength, pride, and inner peace. That is what I think of when I see such a majestic animal at rest.

    If you would have choose the same animal on the prowl or showing the fangs it would have had a different connotation all together.

    We have Mountain Lions in our area, and they are dangerous. They are also very secretive. You just don't know where they are, and if they are in the area that you live you have to be aware they are there.

    I knew that there are no Mountain Lions in Italy.

  5. Hi Heather, thank you for your opinion, I didn't know that meaning at all, until a couple of months ago.

  6. Kimberly, I love you more each day, the meaning you gave to my avatar is wonderful.


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