Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Why don't they answer?

It's more than a year that I am in the blogger's world, and there is one thing that simply I don't get.

And this one thing concerns me, well more or less.

There's a lot of bloggers out there, who don't answer to comments.

And I don't understand why.

I'm not talking about bloggers who have tons of comments, but those who have a few.

When somebody leaves a comment on my blogs, it's like he's talking to me, so, not to answer....you know what I mean.

I go to his blog, or I answer in my comments section.

Now, usually I try to understand other people's point of view, and this is the case, I'm asking you to help me to understand.(this seems a bit dramatic, I know)

If you don't answer to comments, tell me why, and this is not some kind of accusation (pinky promise), I really want to understand, because I know there's always a reason if somebody does or doesn't something.

Thanks a lot!

Oh, I feel so much better now! that's a load off my mind :D


First of all, I want to thank you for taking the time to answer to my question, but, talking about it with Chamki, I understood that:
# 1 The reasons are as subjective as a favorite taste of ice cream, so even if I 'd try to apply any of your opinions to a particular situation, most probably it wouldn't be the specific case.
And sometimes the reasons why we act in a certain way are somehow inexplicable to other people.
# 2 you can see it like this, someone is giving you something..... a post, and you are giving something back.....a comment, sounds even, isn't it?


  1. I don't always answer on my blog - but I always visit and read the commentor's blog! :) But I've wondered that myself, too.

    Visiting from SITS! ;)

  2. Thank you lostinaseaofblogs, but why you don't answer, when you don't? :)

  3. I think you pose an excellent question. I have noticed the same thing. I can be someone's only comment and I never hear from them. Stopping from SITS!

  4. I don't even go back to check if they answered! What about that?
    The thing is that i learned that people are the way they are, and they have the freedom to answer or not to answer.
    We can't go into the mind of other people and check out the reasons of their behavior. There can be many reasons, for example they are not interested in your comment not because anything is wrong but because they expect something else and you may comment on something they didn't think about, or everybody is commenting their posts with the same kind of comment. . . mostly impersonal, lacking warmth.
    Sometimes people want just to get rid of the loads of their mind and do not care if anybody is reading or commenting, they are already feeling so much better... as you say.
    And i could answer better knowing what was the post and what the comment, because often we are not aware that words create reactions and rejections .. . . you know what i mean.
    However the best you can do is dropping expectations and ask yourself the questions about yourself, the only questions worth asking and you will get the right answer.
    Much love kiss kiss

  5. You always touch the point, probably I was searching for a meaning that was not, "they don't like what I said" or "They don't like me" or "They are ignoring me".
    However, since it's not a rare occasion, I ask myself if it has some "cultural" base (like they think it's normal not to answer)or it's just subjective, and no it's not a particular post, are certain bloggers who never, or seldom answer.

  6. I don't comment all the time on my own blog, but i ALWAYS go to the commenter's blog and comment there. I honestly don't have the time to comment, then check back to see if the blogger has commented back. I don't like to subscribe to comments b/c then I just get a boatload of email that I don't need. Also, I'm still using blogger as my host site (as are you) and you can't answer posts individually like you can on wordpress (where I'll be moving shortly).

    So try not to take it personally!

    Over from SITS..

  7. I like to look at it as a two way street. I always visit and comment on their blogs - eventually -- I feel badly that I am so far behind this week and may never catch up!!!

    I stopped responding to comments below comments on my blog because it seems people don't bother to re-visit and see if the blogger has returned the comment.

    chamki raises a good point about people who just want to vent and may not be interested in "growing" their blogs...although it wouldn't hurt for them to return a comment every now and then IMHO.

  8. Ok Cheryl, I got it, you too don't take it personally, thank you :)

  9. Carma, I know about you, and don't be too hard on yourself, you're a friendly gal.

  10. On my actual blog, sometimes I don't have any response to what they've said - and sometimes I assume they aren't likely to check to see if I've responded on my blog - so I respond on theirs. ;)

  11. Honestly I only have time to skim blogs at the moment let alone comment back to people. Sorry!

  12. Thanks lostinaseaofblogs, you see, you came back to check, however did you see that I updated the post? cheers!

  13. Hi Playful Professional, I saw you have a lot of blogs. :)

  14. Hi Alessandra, I really understand this question. I used to wonder about it all the time. If I'd visit a blog and they would have no comments and then they wouldn't visit me, I couldn't understand. It just seemed polite to visit back. Now that my blog has grown (and especially in the summer months), I just can't keep up with the visiting although I try to make everyone who visits me understand how important they are to me. If someone has a question now, I email them the answer. I've discovered blogging is so individual and there are as many ways to run a blog as there are people. But I really wondered about it all in the beginning.

  15. Hi Mountain Woman, with this post I'm realizing how much time it takes to answer all the comments, it's quite a job.


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