Monday, May 24, 2010

The most beautiful summer.

My bloggy friend Kimberly, over at Terra del Sole, started a new meme, Mia Monday, go and check what it's all about.
I choose to talk about the favorite summer of my life, I have no doubt.... well there are some beautiful summers in my life but this is the best.
We are talking about 1987 (Ice age?), I ended high school, and in June my Mom and I, went to a trip in Holland.

Summer in Holland is cool, places are amazing, houses are so, so pretty, there's a lot of nature, fields, trees, horses, etc....
Amsterdam is charming, and beautiful, we went in short trip to Bruxelles too, but the thing that i remember most of it, is the first and only time, I had a belgian waffle....heavenly. ( Oh yes! and Manneken-piss )

Then in August I went with some aunts to another vacation, at the seaside.

And then, in September I went with my Mom in South Italy, in a gorgeous Hotel where I found the love of my life, that actually is my Hubby.

And I learned how to ride horses too.

But now that I think about it, I had very, very lovely summers in my life, thank you Mom, thank you life.
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  1. Yes, very lovely summers indeed, and this one absolutely special . . .
    i love you baby

  2. I love those photos, especially the first one... and thank you, Ale, for the lovely compliment on my letter. You made my day. :)

  3. Ahhhh! That was so sweet! I loved your summer story. Thank you for linking to me too! I hope you like Mia Monday's!

  4. That sounds like a fabulous summer!

  5. Growing up we had a neighbor who moved to the US from Holland. Always seemed like a lovely country - just as in your photo. And I absolutely love Italy. Please reserve me a spot in Sardinia the next time you are there :D

    I went to high school in the Ice Age too so I can definitely relate. And I got to travel to Italy (with my parents) after graduation too - we are like kindred spirits!!

  6. Oh my gosh, now I want a Belgian waffle. Love those things.

  7. Such a lovely story about your summer… Sounds like you had a wonderful time! I loved the photos :)

  8. Mama Zen, thanks!

    Carma, we ARE kindred spirits :D

    Whispering writer, I know ;)

    Lua, thanks for dropping by.


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