Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Caffeine or not caffeine.

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I have another "important" question in my mind these days, it seems that my blog turned from giving tips, to asking tips, no, this is not the question.
Being the title self explaining we are talking
I usually (always) take a caffè-latte at 6.30/7 am, in my case a caffè-latte consist in a cup of cold milk with an espresso in it (yum).
At circa 10 am, I take another espresso at work, and that's all my caffeine consumption per day.
In the afternoon I often (always) feel sleepy and tired but I didn't relate this with the lack of coffee, actually I don't like plain coffee so I don't take it.
But yesterday I had to go to a party at the kindergarten, I knew it would be a bit tiring and decided to take a caffè macchiato (coffee with a splash of milk) after lunch. I walked a lot, and stood a lot, but when I came back home I was only slightly tired, end felt more energetic than ever.
So I understood, if I 'd take another coffee in the afternoon, probably I'd feel more vigorous and awake, but I ask myself is this right?
Is it right that I need this "help" to feel better, and run things smoothly?
Wouldn't it be better if I cut out coffee at all?
The problem is, if I don't take a coffee in the morning it's hard to wake and to work, I feel a zombie until I take one.
I read on an article that this is a withdrawal symptom, and that can stay 4 days.
I could try to cut off my coffee during a week-end though.
Do you have any experience about that? Is it possible to feel awake and full of energy without taking caffeine in any form?


  1. Drinking coffee 'protects the heart' and you can drink up to four cups . . .
    A report from the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid in Spain showed that drinking three cups of coffee a day could reduce the risk of women dying from heart disease by a quarter.
    Another showed that men who drank five or more cups of coffee were 44 per cent less likely to die from the disease.
    Drinking two to three cups of coffee a day was also shown to reduce the risk of a stroke by almost 20 per cent.
    read this:

  2. I am not a coffee drinker but have heard of the many benefits and may need to start drinking some!! It tends to make my stomach feel not so good.

    I have a friend who drinks an entire pot of coffee a day and she is like the Energizer Bunny. I'm like a sloth most days :D

  3. Very well, because sadly I don't think I can do it without coffee, thank you!

  4. Thanks Carma, I'm a sloth in any case ;)


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