Saturday, May 22, 2010

After Samantha Who, now what?

Today I ended watching the two series of Samantha Who, that I enjoyed a lot, and I'm going to miss, even if, two to three episodes a day was a bit too much.
Anyway, about the show, it's a little old, but as I say, if I don't know it, it's new for me, but I digress.
As I was saying.... the show,'s about a girl who has an accident, stays in a coma for 8 days and when she wakes up, she has an amnesia.
She remembers nothing about her previous life, then she starts to understand who she was, day by day (and I'm not going to ruin the surprise ;) with the help of her friends, parents, and ex boy-friend.
I found the show very funny, and witty.
Most of all I liked the characters, hilarious was Samantha's best friend Andrea, a cynic, shallow, ego-centric, Italian lady (by the way, in Italy, Andrea is a male name), and the dialogs amongst the three friends.
I also loved the interactions between Samantha and her mother.
In short, I loved it all.
Now, I saw the last episode of The Mentalist too, Lost is going to an end.
What am I going to watch?
I would like something funny, and light, but smart too.
Advice anyone?
P.s. if you are thinking that I was watching Tv shows instead of posting on my blog, hey! you are right, shame on me :D
And if you want to know, while I'm rereading this post, I'm doing it with Samantha's voice in my head, am I nuts?
Well, at least I don't have amnesia.


  1. okay okay i am going to watch it! oh and sorry but i don't know anything that's funny, light and smart . . . there is always a dark side. Ciao

  2. Don't have the luxury of time to watch the series nowadays but the last ones I've seen are CSI and Prisonbreak. Not funny, seldom light, but really witty.

  3. Chamki, I thought about it, I don't think this is your kind of thing, too light.


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