Sunday, April 4, 2010

Vitamin E for skin.

Sometimes, when things are going bad, there is something to be glad for.
I brought my 4-year-old boy to the hospital for a gastroenteritis (now he's good), and he had, among other things, a fissure, for which the doctor prescribed an oil (topical application).
The commercial name for it in Italy is Vea Oil, however it's Vitamin E , 100%, natural pure oil.
It's viscous and thick, you can use it only one drop.
I didn't know anything about it but reading on the Internet, and on the leaflet, I discovered it has a variety of purposes for skin health:
-Dry or irritated skin, in each part of the body, even mucous membranes, and delicate parts.
-Cracked skin.
-Rough and scaly skin.
-Sensitive, intolerant, or allergic skin.
-Genital or perianal redness or dryness.
-Being edible, it's safe and protective of the lips and mucous membranes of the mouth.
-Protective and against fissures of lactating nipples.
-Relieves itching from insect bites.
-Moisturizes, soothes, softens skin.
-Anti aging.
I can say that the day after the first application, the fissure of my son had a visible improvement.
And seeing this, I applied it on an itchy area I had, it calmed immediately.
I'll keep it in my medicine cabinet.


  1. I had been using vit e all the time for scars, etc. but then read something about it staining the skin (or something else - can't remember) so I stopped using it. That's all I need to see, a few news reports then I stop cold turkey. Yeah, I'm crazy ;-) Glad you liked those magnificent cannon balls!!! :D

  2. Yes Carma, I read something controversial about scars treated with vit e, in fact I didn't put scars in my list. :)

  3. I will have to look into this. I usually don't take anything extra, but like to get my vitamin through my food.

    I loved your post about past life dancer. Past lives...very interesting indeed!

  4. Sorry Kimberly, may be it was not clear that it's for topical application ( I just added a note ), we don't take supplements either.

  5. you are always on top of things!

    P.S. keep an eye out for any flash mob opportunities in Italy for when I *wishful thinking* retire there :D

  6. Darling,

    Are you feeling out of sorts about posting to your blog or are you just super busy? This is the season of busy lives...I still have to enroll my children into camps. They finally made their choices from my list of choices for them. Hope you are are one of my very favorite bloggers! :)

  7. Hi Kim, thank you for your concern, it's just a lack of inspiration, see you :D


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