Saturday, April 24, 2010

I don't feel like blogging.

Hey guys!
For you who are wondering why I'm not posting anymore, it's only that I feel a kind of rejection towards all the bloggy thing.
Perhaps it will pass, perhaps not ;)
See you!


  1. What do you mean by the rejection? Let me tell you that you are a great blogger. Your posts are interesting and your insights are deep, thought-provoking, and simply beautiful. Should your rejection pass or not, always remember that your blogs (and you) are beautiful.


  2. Hi Sashindoubutsu, you made my day with your nice words.
    I explain better, may be lately I read too much blogs, every day I read almost all the post in my blog roll.
    It's like overeating and then feeling a rejection towards food.
    And about writing, since English is not my language, I find it heavy now for me.
    I was thinking to blog in Italian
    Perhaps I only need a pause. ;)

  3. I feel like that sometimes too but something inevitably happens that makes me think "I've got to tell the blog about this!" and the funky mood has passed. Hopefully you'll get through yours soon and you can get back to blogging again! ;D

  4. Ugh!

    I love your blog. Your blog is one of the ones that I visit often. As my husband was having his "break" I just could barely find the time to blog.

    I have been practicing my Italian. If you decide to write in Italian I will visit, and even try to respond in Italian.

    I will be praying for you!

  5. Oh, Kimberly, you're always so sweet with me, I'll let you know if I'll blog in Italian.

  6. Thanks Jennifer, I know, it happened before :D

  7. Yes, Alessandra, my dog's name is Italian. Luigi is a fine Italian name right? By the way, I have a friend who just came from Milan. She said ice cream is exceptionally delicious in Italy!

    I understand that maybe you just need a pause or a break to gather your wits and start blogging again. Maybe you need an inspiration. Remember that you write well and can express yourself beautifully.^^

  8. Ciao Alessandra,

    Come Sti?

    I hope all is well. I have been praying for you and your family. I miss you!

  9. Hey, ciao!
    Io sto bene, e tu come stai?
    Mi sono sorpresa che qualcuno mi stesse scrivendo in italiano qui.
    Hahaha, see you ;)


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