Saturday, March 27, 2010

Why my husband doesn't cook.

I was reading an article by my bloggy friend Mountain Woman, when I realized why my husband doesn't cook.
I was lucky enough to marry a man who can cook, and he does it very well, let's say better than me.
And I'm not very fond of all the cooking thing, I would happily skip it, hands down ;)
But he rarely takes my place, and now I know why.
I missed the trick, that is literally burn the meals.
If you want to read the article is here.


  1. My husband does the cooking whenever he is home for dinner. Otherwise it's soup and sandwich. When the baby gets older he says he's going to cook in batches so I can just thaw and heat. I love that man! :]

  2. Ahhh...I thought you were going to say because he is a lazy no good bum ;-) You know I visit because I love your blog-- I have rephrased the P.S. on my blog as it did come across like I was just doing my "duty" :D

  3. Babes Mami, you're such a lucky girl, do you know it?

  4. Carma, I was kidding, well at least a bit ;)
    And I am the lazy one.


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