Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ben Linus touched me.
(spoiler alert)
Yes, I'm a fan of Lost, and yes I have a tender heart ;)
I think Lost is a very unique series, thus is my favorite of all the times, but I love the Mentalist too, and Lie to me.
And I don't remember me weeping, watching it before, or may be ( surely ) my memory is weak, however, the last episode I saw - Dr. Linus - made me cry.
You know when he gave up his plan ( to dethrone the principal ), in order to avoid bad consequences to his pupil (aka daughter Alex).
And when he said to Ilana that he killed Jacob because he was angry, since he let kill his daughter for the island's sake.
And Ilana let him stay.
I don't know, but when I assist to "love" scenes, where love has his highest meaning, like parents/children kind of love, I'm moved.
Or when I assist to compassion scenes.
And it seems Benjamin Linus is changed, for good...or not.
We will see.


  1. I saw a couple of the very first shows a long time ago. Haven't those people found out where they are yet?

    I like detective shows like the Mentalist, and CSI. I do like D Housewives too. It is a nice sugar real substance...just an addiction!

  2. I think we won't understand, until the very last episode ;)

  3. I only recently got hooked into watching the older seasons of Lost, while keeping up with the new stuff. Yes, Ben Linus touched me, too. As a former teacher, I understand the pathos of his situation, the petty politics, etc.

  4. Hey! I found you from SITS. I saw your link and you had me! I LOVE LOST! It's pretty much the only show I watch. And I can't believe I'm actually feeling bad for Ben! After all he's done! :) Have a great Saturday!

  5. Hey girls, it seems we all have a tender heart ;)

  6. Ive never missed an episode, I love Lost but am I the only one that finds each episode a bit frustrating as they are quite slow?

  7. Of course you are not, Patchouli Memories, like the fact that they always end at a key point.

  8. I love LOST, too!! can't believe Ben did everything that he did.. but sometimes i find myself feeling bad for him. My favorite character there was Charlie... remember him? ^_^


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