Sunday, February 28, 2010

Why I love The Mentalist.

I always loved crime series, the way investigators solve cases, how they use their intelligence and intuition to discover the truth.
That said, The mentalist is on that wave, it's well done, the characters are nice, but what I love most is the main character, Patrick Jane, and not because he has a great skill in understanding people and their behaviors, and because he genially solves cases (well this is one of the reasons).
No, what I like above all is his nature, the fact the he doesn't follow the rules, he follows, let's say, his inner guidance, with a gentle stubbornness and a childlike approach, and eventually he succeeds.
I'm now watching the second series, the episode I liked most, is one in which he was jailed by his own colleagues, and was supposed to be scared by the "bad guys", instead he became friend of them, and even psychoanalyzed them.
He makes me smile a lot.
And I like to smile.
Kudos to all the crew.


  1. I love that show too. It does not hurt that he is also good looking. I watched that episode last week (I think). I was a little frightened for him at first.

  2. Hahaha, Kimberly you are so right, it doesn't hurt at all ;)

  3. You know what I always love about Simon - is that we share the same eyelids :D I seriously think that when I see him....

    Hope my menacing picture did not scare you away from my blog ;-)

  4. Oh....Simon, hmmmmm ;)
    And nope, never :D


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