Friday, January 29, 2010

Where is Blogger the Frog?

Blogger the frog

Guess who came at work with me today!
Yep! He, the famous, gorgeous, green guy, named Blogger the Frog, who decided to take a world tour, and after Mexico, and Haiti, flied to North Italy just to meet us.
Yay! I'm so honored!
Actually it was my friend Jen, over at 11th Heaven's Homemaking Haven who put in, a good word for me.
May be you are wondering why he is in my bag, oh it's so cold here now, almost 0 degrees Celsius (32°F), so just to stay warm.
Note the healthy crackers that are my midmorning snack ;)

Here he is assisting me with a spreadsheet, I know, I know, my desk is a bit messy, but I wanted to stay authentic, and show you that I actually work, and never ever blog hop, while at office, promise!

This is the supermarket where I have "metaphysical" conversations with my son.

Time to go downtown for a quick tour... some window shopping:


At the newsstand I had to buy a Gormits dvd for my 4 y-o model.

Flowers anyone?

Good pals at the skating rink:

The main square:

I think he wants some cake at the baker's shop:

Typical old houses:

Next time, if you'll come during more warm and sunny days we will carry you at our beautiful lake side:

At some point during our tour my camera died (oops, I forgot to carry new batteries with us) so I had to opt for my daughter's cell phone camera, that has a bit less resolution.
If you want to know where is Blogger the Frog's next step in the world ( and where he's been ), visit Mommy's Camera blog.
Bye bye, see you soon!


  1. Man, I wish I was Blogger the Frog so I could tour your most awesome country. Maybe next time Carma the Blogger will get to do the sightseeing ;-) -- those "typical old houses" are stunning. You should see the typical old ones around here.

    Oh and in answer to your question on my blog: I no longer have internet access at work. hoping the new owners will get it set up because I am going out of my mind!!! And reading free magazines from electrical companies...

  2. che bel giretto che vi siete fatti, mmmm mi viene nostalgia. . . great post d=(^o^)=b

  3. Your photographs are so beautiful. I just adore the one with the swans.

    I have often forgotten about spar batteries too. The town is so adorable too.

    Zero degrees? Too cold for me. I lived in the cold before. Now, it is hard for me to take anything in the 30's. SAD!

    The beauty may be worth a little cold.?

  4. Carma, I think you won't fit in my bag ;)

  5. Mom, I thought this would totally prevent you from coming back, ha!
    It was such a cold and gray day, and the town looked so ugly to me.
    It's amazing that you all think it's beautiful.

  6. Thanks Kimberly, the one with the swans was taken by my daughter few months ago, when we had...I have to check a Celsius Fahrenheit converter....77 or so degrees.
    When I say 0 degrees I mean Celsius, that are 30°F, sorry this is difficult for me.

  7. so cute! that must have been fun!

  8. how close are we? i want to explore northern italy - where are you, do you have any tips? i've only been to ventimiglia so far :P

  9. You really showed him such hospitality. Stopping from SITS!

  10. He's so adorable! I wish I had been Blogger the Frog and gotten to spend the day with all of you. What fun you had and what a beautiful place to live.

  11. That little frog reminds me of one of my kids' projects in elementary school. They had to take 'flat stanley' home for an adventure with someone. Except we had to write about his experiences in a composition book and nobody took pictures.
    So I guess you could say that Blogger is living large!
    Great pics!

  12. Mountain Woman you're always so sweet.
    I would have loved it too.

  13. Christine, yes he's living large, except ahem..I don't think he flies in Business class ;)


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