Tuesday, January 26, 2010

For your eyes only.


This is one of the best advices somebody gave to me, and I want to share it with you, my few but good readers ;).
When possible, I tend to avoid medicaments, trying to cure myself and my family with natural stuff, oils, herbs, energetic healing....and often succeed.
One day, talking with a lady about my son's conjunctivitis (pink eye), and complaining that I had to use drops, she told me: " don't you know that chamomile is great for it?"
So she explained to me, that I had to do a chamomile tea, let it cool, and apply on both eyes with two different cotton pads. Let it sit for a while, and do this two, three times a day ( with new pads, and always a different one for each eye, to not spread infection ).
I did it, and since then, I never used drops again.

Warning: I'm not a doctor, if you don't see an improvement in a day or so, or if you have an aggravation, check your doctor soon.

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  1. I believe in natural remedies. If you research many of the most common drugs they started from natural things but manufactured drugs became easier and cheaper.

    Thanks again for visiting today on my SITS day.

  2. Thanks Sandy, and, today I forgot, totally love your blog header.

  3. Ima great believer in natural remedies myself. Thanks for this post and tip. Have a great day SITSa!

  4. I love great herbal tips. I would rather try natural healing remedies rather than pharma. drugs.

    Sandy is right...it is where medicine began.

  5. I can just see me not waiting long enough for the teal to cool resulting in scalded eyes. Perhaps it is best I avoid this one ;-)

    Glad it worked though!

  6. Ma lo sai quante volte uso questo metodo???!!!!A volte lo faccio anche quando mi bruciano gli occhi perchè sono stanca o sono stata troppo al computer...è un rimedio sano e...rilassante!

  7. Alessandra, that is really crazy that we both wrote about pink eye! I remember hearing that once before, about the Chamomile, so I will have to try that! Thank you!

  8. Thanks gals, and Jen let me know if it works for you.

  9. Thanks for the tip!! I love it when I can find a remedy that doesn't require medication.

  10. Great! We really need this. Our family tends to get it a few times a year and pass it back and forth. Thanks!


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