Monday, January 11, 2010

About cameras and spices.

What do have in common, cameras and spices?
Nothing, but they have to do with some mistakes I did today, so I will tell you, just in case you want to learn from them.

First, today I saw two special things and I wish I had my camera with me, to remember and share them.
This morning, while walking with my son towards the kindergarten, I saw an amazing dawn with a crescent, it was soooo beautiful ( eh, eh, sorry! no camera available).
Then, in the afternoon, while waiting at the bus stop, I took a glance at the blue sky and I saw a small flock of birds flying in circle, like a carousel over a baby's crib, over and over, with the sun sparkling on their bellies, again I didn't have my camera.
( no, they weren't birds of prey )
What do you evince from that?
Better to have your camera with you, you don't know what can happen.
(Maybe you see a VIP and sell the shot ;)

Second...when you are convinced that the spice container is virtually empty, thus pouring the content carelessly...always check before, may be your husband had filled it.


  1. odds of husband filling container unasked = slim to none :D

    I know what you mean, I am always missing good opportunities by not having my carmera at hand; of course, in my case, they are usually bizarre things, not beautiful things

  2. Carma, obviously today I brought it with me, and no dawn, no...I mean, not a beautiful one.
    And how it happens, that bizarre things always occur to you?

  3. Sounds so beautiful. I loved how you described the circling birds with the sun on their bellies.

    Have a GREAT one today! Make the most of it.

    Warm wishes darling.

  4. Kimberly, I was enchanted, never seen something similar, it was like a gift.

  5. That does sound like a beautiful sight! I wish you had your camera with you too. But you have still given me a vision with your description, so thank you!

    And the spices, well I guess your cup runneth over! ; )

  6. Come over and pick up another award!

  7. Well described your experiences dear, wish you could have captured it. During these situations camera phone comes handy:)

  8. For some reason I can't see your image. I love your analogy though. Very poignant : ).

  9. Life with Kaishon, "That" is the image ;-)

  10. Very interesting about the birds. I wonder why they were doing that? And I hope the spice wasn't cayenne pepper!

  11. No Janet, it was turmeric, and about the birds I made a little research, they do like this to find the right current, before migrating.
    Or they were simply playing.


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