Friday, December 4, 2009

Virtual turism 3D North Italy.


Okay, today I want to do some (not payed) advertising for the place where I live .
I live in North Italy, in the lakes region, near Lake Maggiore, and not far from Como Lake, where if you know, lives...Mr George E.R.
So, if you want, open this link, click on the map, and take a tour.
Besides, if you browse the site, you can find Venice, Milan and Bergamo.
One day, chatting with a fellow blogger, I said that the place where I live is nothing special, well, maybe I was a bit wrong, and however I was referring to my most immediate surroundings.


  1. OK. I am now insanely jealous!!! We have been dying to take a trip to Italy for years. My secret dream is to retire on the island of Sardinia - per this quirky post:

  2. Hee, hee, Carma, You are right, Sardinia is something special, but, do you know? I'm italian and never been there, so come on over, let's go together!


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