Saturday, December 5, 2009

Keep your drains clear.

In our new/old apartment we have problems with the drains, they tend to clog.
I read, and applied something to keep them cleaned, and I can say it works, I don't know if it clears when totally clogged, but when the flow slows down it works nicely.
Well, you pour some spoon of baking soda or washing soda, down the drain, now little by little pour vinegar on it, let it bubble for a while, then open the hot water and rinse it all, voilĂ , frugal and eco-friendly!


  1. that trick works really well; plus my son enjoys helping out since it is like the volcanoes the kids used to make in school :D

    I do it all the time to clean & deodorize the kitchen sink/disposal drain.

    Are you able to confirm if there is broadband in Sardinia before I pack up and move ;-)

  2. Carma, I checked, they have it, but it depends on the location, so, before you choose where to go, let me know, I will check again. ;-)


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