Friday, December 18, 2009

Internet vs. Housekeeping


Today, while I was cleaning the bathroom, I wondered how was possible that, when we moved in our new apartment, my house "was" always beautiful and tidy.
Then I remembered, after the move, we (I) had no internet connection for more than a month. ;-)
They say (who are they, I don't know) that when you think about the web world when you are not online, there is a strong possibility that you are addicted to it.
Please! When do they think, that every single blogger ponder about what to post?
Of course while they are not connected, like this evening, washing the dishes I thought about this post.
And only for you to know, I left two pots in the sink, but only to soak them overnight, because they were so dirty, not because I wanted to write this post before I could forget it.
But, coming back to my lack of interest in the cleaning process, I don't think it's fault of the blogging thing.
When I hadn't the PC, it was television, or books, or seems I always find something more interesting, am I wrong?
So we came to the point, I would like to know, if there is out there in the world, someone who really enjoys the housekeeping, and if he or she would teach me how to love it ( would come to my home, two or three times a week, for free :-)
Best Regards.


  1. Great minds think alike!

    I was just saying this in my random thought blog. I need a couple of cleaning ladies to come and help me clean my house. It is a disaster area that I am not used to. I like my house clean. I love blogging, reading, writing, and sometimes cleaning, but recently I just have not been able to get into it. I still have not ironed clothes this week.

  2. So Kimberly, you are not the one who will teach me how to love cleaning, or do it instead of me?
    Are you telling me this?
    Yeah sister, how I understand you!
    Thanks for the "great mind" ;-)

  3. Totalllllllly hear ya!
    I insist my hubby call me an hour or so before arrival each night so I can scurry around and get the cleaning done...QUICK!
    Happy SITSMAS!

  4. Hi Teresa, I know when my husband comes at home ;-)

  5. Delighted you popped over Alessandra!
    Love your profile pictures...those snuggling lions!
    And yes...I do love PINK!

  6. I can always find something I'd rather do than housework or my homework. I'm really good at avoiding homework.

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  7. I pulled out the legos for my two little boys so I could have some day time to blog. Now that I think of it I should be useing this time to put away the laundry... Ugh I hate laundry... and dishes.... and come to think of it all cleaning in genral.

  8. I'm not sure if anyone truly loves housekeeping. I know I hate it. Picking up after people is not my idea of fun.

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  9. Yuck! Housecleaning. That is no fun. Internet on the other hand is fun!

  10. Thank you gals for your testimony, but not resolving my problem yet, I have to do more research, where? you guess! ;-)

  11. I've always found something better to do to! Housecleaning - ehhh... overrated!

  12. Ha Ha! I so agree with you! My house is a mess since I got a laptop. Yep, after the lap top I lost my cleaning incentive.

  13. Hi. My name is Stacy and I'm addicted to the 'net...Facebook esp. I can't seem to get enough of it. I find it extremely hard to resist when I know there are 3 loads of laundry waiting for me to do.


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